10 Green Lantern Comics Every Kyle Rayner Fan Should Read (2023)

Created by Ron Marz and Darryl Banks,Kyle Rayneris the man who let the green flame of will burn upon himGreen Lantern Corpswas destroyed. The Guardian Ganthet used his last power and bestowed the Last Ring of Power on Kyle, making Kyle the Last.Green Lantern.

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Kyle was a comic artist before becoming Green Lantern, so his creative mind is perfectly suited to creating powerful light constructs. Kyle was known as a torch bearer. He kept the spirit of the Corps alive, both in-universe and in real-world publication, until Hal Jordan and company returned and the Central Battery was restored. Kyle later played a major role in the DC Universe, merging with Ion, the Entity of Will, and becoming a White Lantern.


10 Kyle embraces the Green Lantern Persona (Green Lantern Vol. 3 #50 & 51)

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Kyle Rayner technically made his first appearanceGreen LanternVol.3 #48, but at the end of issue #50 he was presented with a Ring of Power for the first time. Issue #51, with a cover photo that specifically reads "It all started here," is where Kyle's Green Lantern journey really began.

After Hal Jordan's lust for power led to the destruction of the Green Lantern Corps, Kyle was left to carry the torch alone. In issue #51, Kyle battles his first villain, reveals his secret identity to his girlfriend Alex DeWitt, andcreates a new costume for yourself. For fans who want to read more about Kyle Rayner,Green LanternIssues #50 and #51 are good starting points.

9 Kyle tests his strength and will against Parallax (Green Lantern Vol. 3 #63 & 64)

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When Parallax came backGreen LanternVol.3 #63, Kyle wielded the last ring of power for about 13 issues. Though he's defeated some villains, he has yet to prove himself worthy in Hal Jordan's eyes. Hal returns and challenges Kyle to possess the ring of power.

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This confrontation forces interventions from Ganthet and even the JLA. In the end, Kyle's will proves even stronger than Hals. Kyle knows he can't beat him, but he'll keep trying because that's what Green Lanterns do. Ganthet may have picked Kyle at random, but in issues #63 and #64, Kyle proves he's worthy of being a Green Lantern.

8 Joined the Justice League of America (JLA)

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Kyle Rayner was the only Green Lantern for a few years before being invited to the big leagues. Kyle became a recurring member of the Justice League under Grant Morrison.JLAComic-Serie.JLAwas incredibly successful, becoming DC's best-selling title for many years.

This was a huge step forward for Kyle Rayner in both storytelling and publishing. kyle,a legacy character like his teammate Wally West, has proven himself worthy of the Green Lantern title by fighting alongside Superman, Wonder Woman and the pantheon of DC heroes. In the real world, Kyle's addition to the Justice League roster greatly increased his popularity with readers.

7 Kyle unknowingly created Oblivion (Pacific Rim)

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Kyle Rayner's girlfriend Alex DeWitt was murdered by Major Force early in Kyle's superhero career. The concept of a loved one dying to inspire the hero has become an overused term in the comic book world. In the DC Universe, this led to tragedyKyle creates a hideous entity in his subconscious called Oblivion.

Oblivion eventually took shape and challenged the Justice League. Ocircle of fireThe miniseries and its five one-shot books delve into the character of Kyle Rayner. It makes him a really good guy who is willing to sacrifice godlike powers and even his own life to save the people he cares about.

6 Revival of the Corps (Green Lantern: Rebirth)

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In deep, uncharted space, Kyle discovers Hal Jordan's body. Kyle discovers that Parallax, the entity of fear, has gripped Hal's fear and driven him insane. Kyle returns to Earth with this secret and battles a resurrected Sinestro. Luckily, Hal is also revived and comes to Kyle's aid.

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Green Lantern: Rebirth, written by Geoff Johns, is about the return of Hal Jordan and the return of the status quo of the Green Lantern Corps. It also recognizes the importance of a character like Kyle Rayner in keeping the Lanterns alive both in-universe and for comic book readers. Hal even claims that the ring chose Kyle and that it wasn't random.

5 Fusion with Ion, the Entity of Will (Infinite Crisis Special: Rann-Thanager War #1)

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Kyler lit the Green Lantern Corps flame. After years of wearing the Green Lantern's last power ring, Kyle absorbed the willpowerInfinite Crisis Special: Rann-Thanager Warand called himself Ion. With this newfound power, he brought the Guardians of the Universe back to life and recharged the Central Power Battery. Possession of god-like powers is usually temporary in the comics, as was the case with Kyle.

The ion concept was later reinstated to correspond to the parallax retcon: powerful entities representing the emotional spectrum of the universe. Kyle has accomplished much in his short time with Ion's powers. Perhaps these good deeds would make him worthy of possessing godlike powers again in the future.

4 Kyle leads the New Guardians (Green Lantern: New Guardians)

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Green Lantern: New Wardenswas first released in 2011 as part of DC's New 52 series. Innew guardians,Members of each Lantern Corps, representing a different emotion of the universal spectrum, are forced to work together as each Corps' power rings select Kyle Rayner as their wielder.

Kyle, who usually works with his fellow Lanterns or takes orders from the Guardians, thus takes on the role of leaderNew GuardiansTeam. The other Lantern Corps had been around for several years at release, so it was exciting to see them come together in this series.Kyle is also the first person to wear seven different corps rings at the same time., Very soon.

3 Kyle becomes the White Lantern of Life (Green Lantern: New Guardians #16)

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EmGreen Lantern: New Wardens#16, Kyle becomes a White Lantern. After truly mastering the power of all emotions, Kyle channeled them through his own ring, creating a White Power Ring and becoming a White Lantern.

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As the White Lantern, Kyle possesses the powers of the entire emotional spectrum: anger, love, greed, fear, hope, compassion, and will. Together they give you the power of "life".The true extent of his power is unknown.. If fans didn't believe Kyle was special before, it should convince them to become the only being to build a white power ring without the help of an emotional entity.

2 Kyle joins the Omega Men (Omega Men).

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Written by Tom King,Omega menwas a 12-issue series released in 2015. The series rebooted the Omega Men team and featured Kyle Rayner. After losing his White Lantern power ring, Kyle is forced to join the Omega Men as they uncover the evils of the Citadel, an interplanetary society that may be exploiting worlds for its resources.

Kyle is one of many main characters in the book, but he plays a big part in the story. His heroic morale is fully demonstrated as he tries to convince his fellow Omega-Men to eschew violence and choose the path of peace.

1 Revival of the Blue Lanterns of Hope (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #17)

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After DC rolled out their Rebirth rebrand across the board, Saint Walker was the only Blue Lantern after the rest of his corps was destroyed by the rogue relic. InHal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, Hal and Kyle try to find Saint Walker to prevent the last Hope Lantern from dying.

In issue #17 of the series, Kyle summons the power of all emotional beings and sacrifices his power to the White Lantern to restore the Blue Lanterns and reignite their central energy battery. After the dust settles, Kyle is once again chosen to join the Green Lantern Corps, joining Hal as one of the main characters of the book.

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