7 Ahrefs alternatives to jump-start your SEO strategy (2023)

With so many SEO software options available, committing to a monthly subscription can seem as difficult as trying to pick something to watch on Netflix. Also, the options keep getting bigger.

Today we're taking a look at Ahrefs' SEO tool and sharing our top picks for Ahrefs alternatives.

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What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefsis a platform for SEO analysis and backlink research. you could saythe most authoritative SEO optionavailable for marketers who want to improve their SEO strategy.

It has strong keyword management and competitor analysis tools. Ahrefs has those tooLargest index in the worldof live backlinks. Your backlink database currently has395.7 billion pagesin the index and crawls 5 million pages every minute. They also update the database with new data every 15-30 minutes.

Key features of Ahref:

  • Evaluate the onpage SEO of your website
  • Analysis of backlinks
  • Check your competitor's organic traffic
  • Conduct keyword research

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Why you might want an Ahrefs alternative

Because it's a complete set of SEO tools, Ahrefs may have features that you won't be using. Ahrefs also requires a steep learning curve to learn the ins and outs of the tool.

Starting at $99 per month, it's one of the most expensive SEO software options out there, and it can be more than you're willing to pay.

For these reasons, you should check out and try some of our Ahrefs alternatives before making a final decision.

The Best Ahrefs Alternatives to Up Your SEO Game

1. SEMrush

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The next alternative to Ahrefs on the list,SEMrushis another complete set of SEO tools with features similar to Ahrefs.

SEMrush started out as a PPC keyword research tool and has grown into a comprehensive SEO suite. Today, SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market.


  • Impact Hero-Tool.Using AI, the tool organizes your content by stages of the buyer journey, identifying your most effective copy and providing advice on how to improve your content.
  • Magisches Keyword-Tool.View results from a database of over 20 billion keywords.
  • Social-Media-Tracker.Track the social media accounts of your closest competitors and compare their engagement and growth to yours. Receive reports on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and LinkedIn accounts.


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  • Lower accuracy levels.SEMrush tends to underestimate overall traffic, with one study showing that on averageunderestimates traffic by 42%.
  • The backlink database is not that complete.Link analysis tools are not as in-depth as Ahrefs. SEMrush currently only updates its database every 2 weeks.

How does SEMrush compare to Ahrefs?Ahrefs and SEMrush are similarly priced, with entry-level packages starting at $99 and $99.95, respectively. Features are also similar, but Ahrefs is better from a UX perspective. It includes a sidebar that lists the main features of the platform so you can easily access other features while you work.

Who is SEMrush best for?Content marketers and SEO professionals looking for a complete SEO software with quality keyword research tools. Subscribers should be aware of the slightly weaker link analysis tools compared to Ahrefs.

2. Serped

7 Ahrefs alternatives to jump-start your SEO strategy (3)

SERPedconsists of over 40 different SEO tools to help your content rank higher, outperform your competition and grow your business.

SERPed has some unique SEO features that other Ahrefs alternatives don't have. The Content Curator tool makes it easy to create new relevant content, while the Link Indexer tool shows you if your blog posts or backlinks are indexed in Google.


  • domain research.Use a centralized console to research and buy domains. Discover new domains and identify the most frequently expiring domains in your niche. This feature is great if you want to create new URLs and projects on a regular basis.
  • Real-time ranking tracking.Track exactly where your pages and projects appear on search engines like Google and YouTube. Drill down and track your rankings by country, city, or territory. Track your mobile rankings alongside desktop rankings.
  • SEO project management.Use the Site Manager to organize all your personal and client projects. Track important data like backlinks and search rankings from a single interface.


  • SERPed can be overwhelming.With over 40 tools, you might not know where to start. Some tools, like social exchange, seem unnecessary for an SEO toolkit.
  • No free trial.There is no try-before-you-buy option like other tools on this list.

How does SERPed compare to Ahrefs?SERPed has some unique tools that other SEO solutions don't have, making it a very comprehensive SEO software. Price-wise, it's still cheaper than Ahrefs at $79/month for a starter plan.

Who is SERP best for?Freelancers and website admins looking for a cheaper alternative with some added bonuses.

3. SERanking

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SERankingis an inexpensive set of SEO tools that is a newcomer in the SEO scenario. It is a suitable Ahrefs alternative that is particularly strong in technical SEO audits.

When you add a new project, SERanking automatically checks the site and gives you a comprehensive report showing you the top errors to fix. These fixes can include URL rewrites and missing metadata.

This software also excels at generating detailed SEO reports and planning content strategies.

Let's break it down.


  • Top-level custom reports.Add modules like Competitors, Rankings, Traffic, Website Audit and Financial Reports. Select the ranking period to be analyzed, compared and displayed in your report.
  • checkers on the side.Evaluate the current SEO status of your pages and check suggestions for improvement.
  • Keyword-Ranking-Tracker.View historical data for your top keywords and your site's ranking across devices.


  • The data is not updated in real time.Instead, you have to wait a day before seeing the leaderboard.
  • Some metrics are missing.There is no data on competitive density, SERP features, or trends.

How does SERanking compare to Ahrefs?SERanking is cheaper than Ahrefs. Monthly subscriptions start at just $31 and increase based on how often you check the leaderboard. Advanced SEO users may find SERanking's features too limited.

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Who is SERanking better for?Freelancers and content creators looking for an affordable SEO tool to help them build and evaluate their content marketing strategy.

4. Moz

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Mozis one of our best Ahrefs alternatives. You may already know Moz from their leading digital marketing blog and Moz-built website.domain authoritymetric.

Moz is easy to use and easy to navigate. Find your way around your keyword research, content marketing, and competitor analysis tools with a clean layout.


  • How to install MozBar.Use the Google Chrome extension to assess your website's domain authority and page authority.
  • Some tools are free.Keyword Explorer and Backlink Research are free for up to 10 searches per month.
  • Weekly updates.Receive tracking updates that include data on your duplicate content, 404 errors, and missing meta information.


  • Limited Data.Moz's backlink database is less comprehensive than Ahrefs'.
  • Fewer technical aids.You can't see some technical metrics like site speed.

How does Moz compare to Ahrefs?Moz is easier to navigate for beginners and its features are less complex. Monthly pricing also starts at $99, but overall the SEO features are flatter than Ahrefs.

Who is Moz best for?Freelancers who want to experiment with the free versions of Moz tools.

5. You are SEO

7 Ahrefs alternatives to jump-start your SEO strategy (6)

KamuSEOoffers well-organized SEO tools to help you take your SEO strategy to the next level.

The basic interface is easy to navigate, even for SEO beginners.

The tool empowers you to keep track of your key SEO metrics so you can make changes to your strategy if needed.

The best part is that unlike many other Ahrefs alternatives, KamuSEO is available in$49 for a lifetime offer. Say goodbye to recurring monthly subscriptions.


  • Visitor Analysis.View your site's top senders, country and browser reports, average visitor time and device reports.
  • Comprehensive reach analysis tool.Analyze your Alexa Rank, Yahoo Index, Bing Index and Moz metrics.
  • Powerful social media analytics tools.View your Facebook shares, Reddit results, and Pinterest pins.


  • Keyword tools are not that detailed.The keyword database is not as extensive as Ahrefs.
  • No reporting function.Currently, you cannot generate SEO reports, which is a disadvantage when you need to provide results to SEO clients.

How does KamuSEO compare to Ahrefs?Considering the lifetime offer, KamuSEO is available at a much cheaper price than Ahrefs and other options on this list. Its features should suffice for freelancers and small business owners, but SEO pros might need something deeper.

Who is KamuSEO best for?Freelancers and small business owners just starting out with their SEO strategy.

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6. Audit.io

7 Ahrefs alternatives to jump-start your SEO strategy (7)

Audit.iois an easy-to-use SEO toolkit. Within seconds you can enter your website URL and get SEO insights and suggestions. It's better to measure your website's current SEO performance so that you can optimize each of your webpages.

It's also useful for analyzing your main competitors' websites so you can optimize your website and rank higher in Google SERPs.

If you are tired of paying monthly subscriptions for other SaaS tools, enjoy unlimited access to Auditit.io for aone-time payment of $47.


  • Exportable white label reports.Create fully customizable reports that can be white-labeled for customer use.
  • Get tips on how to optimize your website properly.Audit.io crawls the SERPs to tell you what's already working and how to implement it on your own website.


  • No backlink analysis.Auditit.io does not have a specific backlink database like other Ahrefs alternatives.
  • No social media analysis tools.There is no way to analyze the performance and conversions of your content on social media.

How does Audit.io compare to Ahrefs?Audiit.io is more of a competitor analysis tool and on-page SEO optimizer than a full set of SEO tools. It's less complicated and easier to understand if you're just starting out with SEO. It doesn't really compare to Ahrefs as it has far fewer features and is less deep.

Who is Audit.io best for?Small business owners who already have a website up and running and want to analyze how they compare to their main competitors.

7. Espionage

7 Ahrefs alternatives to jump-start your SEO strategy (8)

It's all in the name.SpyFuIt's about spying on your competitors. SpyFu has some of the most comprehensive competitor analytics available on this list - it tracks 80 million domains and 5 billion results. But how does it fare as an Ahrefs alternative?


  • View 20 years of competitive data.SpyFu has one of the most comprehensive databases, allowing you to review data collected over the years.
  • Strong competitive analysis data.Analyze a detailed breakdown of your competitor's traffic sources, Google Ads spend, backlinks and your top keywords.
  • Unlimited search results.Unlike other SEO platforms, there is no limit on search results.


  • The keyword research tool is limited.Compared to other tools, there are fewer advanced filtering options and suggestions.
  • No traffic analysis tool.You may not use SpyFu to analyze your website's direct, referral, search, social or paid traffic for gaps.
  • Less emphasis on analyzing your own domain.SpyFu focuses more on evaluating competitors than evaluating its own SEO.

How does SpyFu compare to Ahrefs?SpyFu has impressive competitor analysis capabilities, but offers a less comprehensive SEO solution compared to Ahrefs. However, it is cheaper, starting at $39 per month.

Who is SpyFu best for?Users who want to understand their competitors' SEO strategy instead of evaluating their own.

Conclusion: Which Ahrefs Alternative is Right for You?

There you have it: our top picks for the best Ahrefs alternatives.

Ultimately, the right Ahrefs alternative for you will depend on your budget, how much time you have to learn new features, and which tools are most important to you.

We recommend using the free trial versions to get a feel for how each tool works and which one best suits your website needs.

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Tired of paying monthly subscriptions? Get a lifetime offer on the AppSumo Store and think of one less monthly subscription. BothAudit.iojKamuSEOare available as lifetime offers on theSumo-App-Store.


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