Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (2023)

Enugu, also called "Coal City"? It is the capital of Enugu State in southeastern Nigeria. The city is known for its gastronomy, thriving industry and local palm wine. Despite this, there are still many people who do not know Enugu. But of course it's never too late to learn something.

1. The meaning of Enugu

Enugu's name derives from two Igbo words: ??n? ??gw??? means? summit or mountain? . The name clearly refers to the city's geography, which is naturally characterized by rolling hills and valleys. The city is named after “Enugu Ngwo”? Coal was found underneath. Enugu mainly lives innikeA subgroup of the Igbo people, ?ndi Nike? Means 'one with power or power' in the Igbo language.

2. How Enugu became the "coal town".

In 1903 the Europeans commissioned Albert Ernest Kitson to lead an exploration in search of mineral resources in the area. In 1909, coal was discovered at Enugu, Mount Udi, leading to the construction of the Eastern Railway, which transported coal to Enugu harbor from Port Harcourt, later developed by the Europeans as one of the few West African towns with a European flair. Enugu was declared the capital of the Eastern Region after Nigeria's independence in 1960 and previously served as the region's administrative capital from 1938 until independence.

3. Enugu was once the capital of a country

Did the city also serve as the "capital" of Ibolan? Known as the Republic of Biafra in 1967. After Nigerian forces captured Enugu, the capital was moved from Biafra to Umuahia. In 1991, the old state of Anambra was split in two, creating the states of Enugu and Anambra. Enugu remains the capital of the new Enugu State created by the military regime of Ibrahim Babangida.

4. Best travel time

Enugu townHas a population of approximately 1 million. This is one of the less populated metropolitan areas in Nigeria. The city experiences two distinct seasons: a recurring rainy season and a dry season, separated by the dusty harmattan weather. With an average temperature of 26.7 degrees Celsius, it is one of the most livable cities in Nigeria. Travelers are recommended to visit this “UK developed city”. During the dry season after the rains have subsided.

5. Visit the Nollywood film capital of the Southeast

City markets and bottling plants are some of the city's industries. It is also an important filming location of the Nigerian film industry, known as "Nollywood". Domestic and international flights land at Akanui Ibyam International Airport, the Enugu campus of the University of Nigeria, Nsuka, the main educational institution.

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6. It's a festival city

The New Yam Festival, the official dedication of freshly harvested yams to god and ancestors, is as old as Igbo culture. It usually takes place between August and October, with each municipality setting a date. Known locally as “Emume iri ji Ohuru”? quiet? iwaji? Or "Ife ji oku", it is the most uniform festival in Iboran. The New Yam Festival has become a major tourist attraction due to other colorful events such as royal dances, Igba-Eze dances, cultural dances, masked balls and dances, and musical performances by various community groups. Enugu State organizes its annual Mmanwu (Masquerade) Festival in November at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium.

7. How to get to Enugu?

Enugu is accessible by road from anywhere in Nigeria.ABC transport company,Young Shall Grow TransportLtd., Peace Public Transport,Chicco Transport Co., Ltd.AndGod is a good carare road transport companies that ferry passengers from all over Nigeria to Enugu at an average cost of 4000 Naira per day. The main car parks include the Old Car Park at Ogbete Market, the New Market or the Gariki Car Park. Local airlines offer direct flights to Akanu Ibiam International Airport in EnuguMedview Airlines, Arik Air and Air Peace.

8. Visit Enugu

The road network features federal roads connecting Enugu to other states in Nigeria while state roads connect various local governments in the state. The state has a good road network with taxis and bicycles (okada) facilitating urban transportation. You can also take a fixed route around the city by minivan or take a more convenient but more expensive taxi.

9. things to do

Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (2)Popular activities recommended for first-time visitors to Enugu include the various festivals held in different neighborhoods around the city. Hospitality is a core value of Enugu City, so visitors first learn to greet family members and inquire about them and their health before doing business.

Eat out and experience the rich Igbo food culture

Enugu is the headquarters of popular Nigerian delicacies such as Isiewu, Abacha, Fiofio, Akpu/Fufu, Ugba, Pepper Soup and Nkwobi. Enugu also serves African salad, akpu, banga soup, oha soup, nkwobi and ukwa, among others.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (3)

New Yam Festival

The New Yam Festival, held annually from August to October, is the city's main traditional festival. The Mmanwu Festival (masquerade) follows in November. Visitors to Enugu can celebrate the new festival by cooking yams or preparing yam porridge, or participate in public celebrations. There are several other festivals with rich Aboriginal cultural performances, dancing and drumming. The people of Enugu answered "wa". instead of the usual? MBA? Because no, so should visitors to the city learn to speak? wha Feel the culture. Visitors can also go into the old coal mine to view and explore the tunnels. Mounts Udi and Ugweme are ideal places for a picnic.

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Enjoy the night lifein the city

Enugu City offers a lively evening for night owls. There are various associations, sit-downs and nightclubs all offering evening entertainment. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are nightly party days and the weekends are the busiest days of the week. People spend their time in the pubs and taverns that exist in different corners of Enugu town so there are no boring nights. Nightclubs in Enugu include Extreme Lounge, True Lounge, Villa Toscana Nightclub and Orange Room. Nightclubs and bars are available at Legend Hotel, Dmatel Hotel and Resort, Amazon Hotel, Hotel Toscana, Nike Lake Resort/Hotel, Hotel Metropole International Ltd, Rossy Valley International Hotels Complex and Chiez Inn.

Shopping all over town

There are many large markets in the city that serve a dual function: shopping at bargain prices and traveling in a typical Igboland market environment. The main markets are in the towns, but rural communities also have their own markets and the occasional night market. The market is uncluttered and divided into different sections selling groceries, clothes, books, electronics, vegetables and grains. Various foreign goods are sold in the city. However, the three main markets where tourists can buy goods and visit locally are:OberthMarketIt is the place with the greatest variety of goods and the lowest price. Service providers such as bricklayers, painters, plumbers, bricklayers and carpenters can be found in Kenyatta and Newmarket. The handicraft market slaughters animals, mainly cattle and goats, while the Obolo market near Nsukka sells fresh fruit and vegetables.night marketBelieved to be associated with spiritual elements, it is occasionally opened in small towns around the town of Enugu. The market is lit with kerosene lamps and candles. It is believed that at the bazaar, people can contact relatives who have mysteriously died. Most of these local markets are open until 6:30pm daily.Located on Opala Avenue,Polo Park Shopping CenterOffers a modern shopping and entertainment center for your shopping, informal meetings and gatherings. The Polo Park shopping center includes banks, Shoprite, cafes, bars, restaurants, beauty salons and cinemas. Stores in the mall sell items such as groceries, cosmetics, and electronics. The Genesis Deluxe Cinema and the Ferris wheel in the shopping center provide entertainment.

How to spend 48 hours in Enugu

Enugu is a cool city with many tourist attractions. The mixture of old town and modern city comfort attracts tourists. The tallest buildings in Enugu are the six-story African Continental Bank (ACB) building and the seven-story President Hotel; both are located in the central business district of Enugu. The Enugu State Government Building, Parliament Building and Judiciary Building are all located in Michael Opala Square in central Enugu near the square.

first day:Eat Igbo Food:

Okpa, Isiewu, Abacha, Fiofio, Akpu/Fufu, Ugba, Pepper Soup and Nkwobi, Akpu, Banga Soup, Oha Soup, Nkwobi and Ukwa are common delicacies sold in Enugu restaurants.National Solidarity MuseumFounded at the end of the Civil War to promote unity. The museum houses military artifacts and artefacts from the Stone Age to the post-colonial period. Open weekdays from 21:00 to 16:00.Awhum Waterfalls and Caves:The cave is a stunning sight and its water is believed to have healing and healing properties. ngwoCave,Fallenand pine forestThere are several caves and waterfalls. Ngwo Cave takes you through the trees of the native Ngwo pine forest.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (6)

Tag 2:Mount Udi:

Location of the first coal mine in Enugu. It opened in 1915 and was replaced by the Iva Valley Mine in 1917. The old tunnels that transported coal outside the mountain still exist. Tourists should visit the hills and learn about the history of Enugu.Milken Hills: It offers a beautiful view of Enugu metropolis, especially at dawn and dusk. Coal mine ruins and beautiful tunnels lie down the mountain. The hills are good for climbing.agnozara, l.Ozara on Enugu. People make sacrifices to the crocodiles in the lake because they are considered goddesses.Festival of Lights:This mask festival is held at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium every November. So head to the stadium and enjoy a variety of activities to honor the spirits of your ancestors. There are several masquerade parties presenting a range of beautiful costumes, including Ojionu, Enyi Mmanwu, Mmanwu Ugo, and Ijele, the king of the masquerade party.

10. What to eat in Enugu

Enugu is famous for its rich Igbo food culture. However, to enjoy some of the best local food, tourists should try the usual and cheaper “mama puts”. Also, there are restaurants all over the city that offer well-prepared food and soups such as Okpa, Isiewu, Abacha, Fiofio, Akpu/Fufu, Ugba, Pepper Soup, Nkwobi, Akpu, Banga Soup, Oha Soup, Ofe Akwu, Nkwobi and Ukwa serve. Try these nutritious foods to better understand Igbo heritage. Okpa is often referred to as "fodder for lions" or "fodder for kings"? Made from Bambara flour extracted from Bambara nuts. The best of this delicacy is sold on the corner of Mile 9 in Ngwo near Enugu.AbachaAlso known as African salad, it is a traditional Igbo dish made with cassava, oil bean seeds and spices; it's a staple on Enugu event menus.finallyIt's a common pepper soup found in brasseries in an average town; it is served with beef shank and costs at least 600 naira in restaurants and brasseries. Ofe Akwu is the Igbo version of Banga stew made from palm fruit oil extract. Its unique aroma and taste are enhanced by the bay leaves added during cooking. It is served with white rice and yams or plantains.Yam and Bugbu (FioFio)A favorite meal for locals and tourists alike. It's basically a mix of yam porridge and dal, also known as akidi. It is served with a palm oil, onion and pepper sauce. Restaurants in the city serve these local delicacies and some modern restaurants serve intercontinental dishes. Mr BIGG?s, Emily Restaurant, Chicken Republic, Revelry Restaurant, Happy Bytes and Raya Chinese Restaurant are restaurants along Enugu Ogui Road. Along Independence Avenue there are also restaurants serving local cuisine such as 9?JA Food, De Main Restaurant, Barcelos and Golden Toast. For more romantic dining options, visitors should try the Polo Park Mall Food Court at Polo Park Mall on Okpara Avenue and Genesis Restaurant on Zik Avenue in Enugu.

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11. State Tourist Attractions

With an abundance of ancient sights and tourist attractions, the state is a tourist paradise. Entry to most of these tourist centers is free. The city has numerous caves, waterfalls, springs, hills suitable for climbing, forest reserves, as well as monumental archaeological and cultural collections in museums and art galleries to preserve history and culture.

Nnamdi Azikiwe International Stadium

This is the home stadium of Enugu Wanderers. It has a capacity of 22,000. The stadium is named after the first President of the Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Benjamin Nnamdi Azikwe, named. Local league matches are played at the stadium every weekend, allowing visitors to watch live matches at the stadium.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (7)

Enugu Golf Club

It has 18 challenging and beautiful holes. The golf course is open all year round and has become a tourist attraction for guests and residents of Enugu. It also has a clubhouse and a well stocked bar where residents and visitors can have a drink and relax in tranquil surroundings. The golf course is located on Mount Street in Enugu.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (8)

magic garden

This is a park specially designed for leisure and relaxation in a soothing atmosphere in the heart of the city. It has a swimming pool and a restaurant. Friends and family can meet in the garden. Occasional family events are held in the garden.

National Solidarity Museum

Also known as the Enugu Museum, it was established after the civil war in 1972 to heal the wounds of Nigeria's civil war. The aim is to promote understanding, peaceful coexistence and love among Nigerians. Tourists can visit Igbo Gallery, Unity Gallery and Enugu Coal City Gallery. Bring your phone and gadgets to capture the beauty of the museum.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (9)

Polo Park Shopping Center

The mall is located on Okpara Avenue in Enugu. The mall is important for its many modern stores such as the Swatch Store, Nike Store, The Hub Store, Fine Brothers, HealthPlus, Montaigne Place, Pandora, Puma Store and Shoprite. There is a food court where all major grocery chains such as Cold Stone Creamery, Citi Chef, Golden Chef, KFC etc sell local and international delicacies. Visitors to Polo Park Mall can ride the Ferris wheel, grab an ice cream, watch a movie at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema, relax at the bar and hang out with friends.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (10)

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Awhum waterfall and caves

The Awhum Waterfall is 30 meters high. The falls of the waterfall are believed to have healing and therapeutic properties. Visitors to the waterfall are cured of all diseases and tourists never get tired of it.

Ugwueme and Udi Hills

The hills are hundreds of meters above sea level. Visitors to Enugu can hike to these hills for rock climbing and picnicking. Coal was first discovered under Mount Udi, the site of the earliest coal mining in Nigeria. Visitors to the mountain can tour the tunnel below as it is now a tourist attraction. The hills are suitable for climbing and enjoying the scenery.

Touristenkomplex Ezeagu

This complex is a must-see in Enugu as it offers many interesting places that can amaze all Enugu visitors. The 3-kilometer-long karst caves, cold and hot springs, waterfalls and lakes, which are 30 minutes from the city center, give luster to the Yize Ancient Tourism Complex. The layout is reasonable and the setting is beautiful, suitable for picnics and swimming with friends and family.

Milken Hills

Named after the Enugu colonial administrator, the hill offers a perfect panorama of the Enugu metropolis, especially in the morning and evening light. The remains of the coal mine and the beautiful tunnels of the Iva Valley are both downhill, so they serve a triple purpose: climbing, picnicking and tourism.Enugu: 12 Things You Might Not Know About Enugu - Hotels.ng Guide (11)

Kiefernwald, Insult

Moderated by Milken Hill of the Enugu Ngwo Community. This grove of neatly lined pines marks a path to Ngwo Cave and the waterfall in the same neighborhood. The leaves of the pine trees form a natural blanket for visitors. The forest's natural beauty and elegance make it a peaceful place for picnics, relaxation and meditation.

12. Accommodation in the city

The town has plenty of affordable and quality accommodation, as well as reasonably priced bars, cafes and restaurants. There are cheap hotels from as little as 3000 naira per night. The hotel rooms have comfortable beds, air conditioning, private bathrooms and occasionally a swimming pool and gym.De Martel Hotels & ResortsIndependence Layout in Enugu offers relaxation and leisure in the outdoor pool surrounded by beautiful landscape and gardens.Nike Lake Resort/HotelLocated on the shore of Lake Nike in Enugu. Consists of 216 beautifully appointed rooms and suites. It's the perfect weekend getaway for singles, picnickers, or even couples. It offers breathtaking views in a safe and peaceful environment. The airport is only 15 minutes away by car.Amazon-HotelIs a budget hotel on Njemanze street with attractive, spacious and comfortable rooms in a quiet and peaceful location, ideal for relaxation.Hotel TuscanyOffers first class accommodation options and luxurious bedding in fully air-conditioned rooms. It is an ideal place to stay for both tourists and locals.

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Nsukka is a town in Enugu State in south-eastern Nigeria and is made up of many villages. The city offers many local delicacies including okpa, abacha, fio-fio and other local dishes for you to enjoy.


It is the capital of Imo State and is home to a federal university, a state university, government and private institutions, and a large number of hotels and nightclubs. Do you want to know what you can do for free in the city? Look no further.


What is Enugu best known for? ›

Enugu, the state capital, is a major centre for coal mining. Iron ore also is mined, and deposits of limestone, fine clay, marble, and silica sand are worked. Industries include textile manufacturing, food processing, lumbering, soft-drink bottling, brewing, and furniture manufacturing.

Where is the best place to live in Enugu? ›

The 10 Best Neighborhoods To Stay In Enugu
  1. Independence Layout: Independence layout is an interesting Suburb of Enugu full of both day and nightlife activities. ...
  2. GRA: ...
  3. New Haven: ...
  4. Trans Ekulu: ...
  5. Ziks Avenue: ...
  6. Achala Layout: ...
  7. Ogui New Layout: ...
  8. MaryLand:
Dec 10, 2019

What are Enugu people called? ›

The Waawa clan of Northern Igboland, also referred to as Ndi Waawa, Wawa People, are a unique sub-group of the Igbo people in Enugu and Ebonyi State, Nigeria, consisting of several communities, who all speak a unique dialect of Igbo called Waawa.

Which village is best in Enugu? ›

Travelers are voting Umunze, Igbo-Ukwu and Ogidi as the best of 10 towns & villages near Enugu. There are 4 towns & villages near Afikpo a city just 124 km from Enugu and 14 towns & villages near Nnewi which is 101 km distant. The most popular of these are Isuikwuato near Afikpo and Umuawulu in Nnewi.

Are things expensive in Enugu? ›

The average cost of living in Enugu is $931, which is in the top 38% of the least expensive cities in the world, ranked 5805th out of 9294 in our global list and 6th out of 33 in Nigeria.

Which river is mysterious in Enugu? ›

Before now, very little was known about Nachi, a community in Udi Local Government Area of Enugu State. However, all that has changed; the history of the community has being re-shaped. All it took to change the face of Nachi is mysterious healing water, already named “Orimiri Jordan”, (River Jordan).

What is the major town in Enugu? ›

Pages in category "Towns in Enugu State"
  • Abbi, Uzo-Uwani.
  • Abia, Enugu State.
  • Abor, Enugu.
  • Achi, Enugu.
  • Agbani.
  • Aku, Enugu.

What is the percentage of Muslims in Enugu State? ›

So, we stop at 77.1% since, from Figure 1, Enugu has between 20% and 39% Muslim population. Overall, it is expected that the Christian population in Enugu will not be less than 77.1%. ...

What is the most popular market in Enugu? ›

Ogbete Main Market is a central market in Enugu with thousands of stores and outfits selling all kinds of goods and services including food items, clothes, phones, electronics, and many other products.

What are the town names of Enugu? ›

Abacheku; Amaeze; Amurure; Azunkwo; Nochele; Over Rail; Uhucheke; Uhungo; Uhuogiri; Umuoma; Umurah; Onunweke Ezza.

What is the most famous Nigerian meal? ›

Jollof rice is perhaps the most famous Nigerian dish but the cuisine has so much more to offer, especially with its abundance of richly flavored soups and stews and equally plentiful “swallow” foods.

What is the traditional soup of Enugu? ›

Ofe awa, Awa soup is made with Awa leafy vegetable. It is native to people of the Enugu area of Nigeria, especially Nkanu.

What does Enugu mean in English? ›

The name Enugu is derived from the two Igbo words Énú Ụ́gwụ́ meaning "hill top" denoting the city's hilly geography.

What does 042 mean in Nigeria? ›

042 xxx xxxx – Land line calls to Enugu.

Is Enugu Igbo or Yoruba? ›

Most of the non-indigenous people of Enugu are migrants from other parts of the Igbo cultural area. After the majority Igbo, the Yoruba people are another significant ethnic group found present in Enugu; other groups include the Hausa, Kanuri, Ijaw, and Fulani people.

Which tribe is Enugu? ›

Modern-day Enugu State has been inhabited for years by various ethnic groups, primarily the Igbo people with minorities of Idoma and Igala peoples in Etteh Uno a community in Igbo Eze North Local Government Area.

Which village is the most beautiful in Igbo land? ›

Abiriba is the most beautiful Village in Africa.

What is Enugu landmark? ›

The Udi Hills refers to a chain of rounded hills found 240m above sea level in Enugu town, the state’s capital. The hills are divided by streams and rivers which feed the 2 main rivers in Nigeria; River Niger and River Benue.

How much is dollar in Enugu black market? ›

Dollar to Naira Black Market Rate Today
Dollar to Naira (USD to NGN)Black Market Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate778
Buying Rate768
Pounds to Naira (USD to NGN)CBN Official Exchange Rate Today
Selling Rate588.9
1 more row

How is life in Enugu? ›

Enugu state is well known for her peaceful and calm environment. A state known for her unity, oneness and friendliness. The state capital is known as Enugu. She has all the social amenities needed to make life comfortable and worth living.

How much does housing cost in Enugu? ›

The average price of houses for sale in Enugu, Enugu is ₦80,000,000. The most expensive house costs ₦420,000,000 while the cheapest costs ₦20,800,000.

Which river is for mysteries? ›

All great mysteries begin at the end and end at the very beginning. And for thousands of years, the Nile River was perhaps the world's greatest mystery. Anyone can see where it ends, pouring northward through Egypt and into the Mediterranean Sea.

What is the Sky river? ›

Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow regions in the atmosphere – like rivers in the sky – that transport most of the water vapor outside of the tropics.

What is the most mysterious river in the world? ›

Physical characteristics
Length6.4 kilometres (4.0 mi)
7 more rows

Does Enugu have airport? ›

Akanu Ibiam International Airport (IATA: ENU, ICAO: DNEN), also known as Enugu Airport, is an airport serving Enugu.

What is the climate in Enugu Nigeria? ›

The climate is tropical in Enugu. The summers are much rainier than the winters in Enugu. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Aw. In Enugu, the average annual temperature is 26.4 °C | 79.5 °F.

How big is Enugu? ›

Where do most Muslims live in Nigeria? ›

The majority of the Muslim population in Nigeria live in the Northern, South western and Central states.

Is Enugu among the richest state in Nigeria? ›

13. Enugu State: This state, which is one among Nigeria's top 10 wealthiest, is situated in the country's South-East geopolitical region. Enugu State surpassed Anambra and Imo to become the region's richest state at the moment, moving up to the Southeast.

What city has the most Muslims? ›

Dearborn is the seventh-largest city in Michigan and is home to the largest Muslim population in the United States per capita. It also is home to the largest mosque in the United States.

What is produced in Enugu? ›

It is a trade centre for the yams, cassava (manioc), corn (maize), pigeon peas, palm produce, rice, onions, and cattle raised by the Igbo people of the surrounding area and is a railway collecting point for cashew nuts from nearby Oghe.

Where is the richest market in Nigeria? ›

Onitsha main market is considered as West Africa's commercial powerhouse. From imported second-hand clothing to jewelry to industrial equipment, Onitsha has it all in its expansive market, considered the biggest market in terms of item availability and land size.

Which market is the finest in Nigeria? ›

List of Top 10 Famous Markets in Nigeria and What They Are Known For
  • Balogun Market (Marina, Lagos) ...
  • Ladipo market (Mushin, Lagos) ...
  • Ariaria market (Aba, Abia) ...
  • Bodija market (Ibadan, Oyo) ...
  • Oil Mill market (Port Harcourt, Rivers) ...
  • Zaki biam yam market (Benue) ...
  • Kasuwar kwari (Kano) ...
  • Alaba International Market (Lagos)
Jan 17, 2023

Which city is close to Enugu? ›

Cities near Enugu
Aku, Nigeria22.17 miles35.67 km
Eha Amufu, Nigeria23.85 miles38.38 km
Opi, Nigeria23.91 miles38.48 km
Awgu, Nigeria25.31 miles40.74 km
17 more rows

What places are under Enugu South? ›

Enugu South LGA comprises the following districts;
  • Awkunanaw.
  • Akwuke.
  • Amechi.
  • Ugwuaji.
  • Obeagu.
  • Amechi-Uwani.

What do most Nigerians eat for breakfast? ›

Bread sandwich with a hot beverage

Also known as tea and bread, this is the most common breakfast in Nigeria. Loved by adults and children, your breakfast can never go wrong in a home where 'tea and bread' is the regular breakfast dish.

What meat do Nigerians eat? ›

Here are five of the most popular meat dishes in Nigeria: Nkwobi, Peppered Ponmo, Spicy Beef Offals, Bushmeat and Chicken. Nkwobi (which means spicy cow foot) is an Igbo meat delicacy made of palm oil, ugba, pepper, fresh utazi leaves or bitter leaf, ehuru seeds, edible potash and cow foot.

How do Igbo people greet? ›

Back-tap. The back tap is probably the most common greeting a woman can encounter in Igbo culture. To perform this greeting, the woman slightly turns her back toward the person she wants to greet and bends forward in order for the other person to tap their hand on her upper back.

What do Igbo call food? ›

Food is 'nri'. Water is 'mmiri'. Breakfast, lunch, supper are 'nri ụtụtụ', 'nri ehihie' and 'nri abalị' respectively.

How do Igbo people dress? ›

Modern Igbo traditional attire is generally made up, for men, of the Isiagu top which resembles the African Dashiki. Isiagu (or Ishi agu) is usually patterned with lions heads embroidered over the clothing, It can also be plain, (usually black).

What is ghost soup? ›

Ghost Soup is a 1992 Japanese TV drama produced for Fuji TV as part of their part of the food-themed drama series, La Cuisine by Shunji Iwai.

What is the most expensive Igbo soup? ›

Ofe owerri is a Nigerian soup native to the Igbo people of Eastern Nigeria. It is considered one of the most expensive soups in Nigeria.

What is the healthiest Nigerian soup? ›

Edikang Ikong soup is recognized as one of the healthiest Nigerian soups because of its rich nutritional contents some of which include; Protein, Vitamin B1, B2 and E, Fiber, Folic acid, Carbohydrate, Calcium, Iron, Phosphor, Selenium, Potassium.

What is the major mineral found in Enugu? ›

There are over 3 billion metric tonnes of iron ore in deposits found in Kogi, Enugu and Niger States as well as the Federal Capital Territory .

What is the major festival in Enugu state? ›

Omabe Festival is a festival in Nigeria. It is celebrated every five years. The festival is a treasure to the people of mba waawa community, NSUKKA region, Ezike in Enugu state.

What is the biggest town in Enugu State? ›

Enugu State (Igbo: Ȯra Enugu) is a state in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria, bordered to the north by the states of Benue and Kogi, Ebonyi State to the east and southeast, Abia State to the south, and Anambra State to the west. The state takes its name from its capital and largest city, Enugu.

Does Enugu have water? ›

“Unlike Lagos, Port Harcourt, Anambra and some other states that can just dig boreholes and get water, Enugu has a lot of coal deposit that makes it impossible to get water.

Is Anambra created from Enugu? ›

Old Anambra State was created in 1976 from part of East Central State, and its capital was Enugu. In 1991 a re-organisation divided Anambra into two states, Anambra and Enugu. The capital of Anambra is Awka.

What are the big four minerals? ›

I always talk about my “Big Four” minerals: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and boron.

What type of soil is Enugu? ›

Sandy loam are observed to dominate Abia, Imo and most parts of Enugu. Silty clay is found towards the eastern flank of Enugu state while loamy fine sand is observed to have cut across central part of Enugu. Some portion of Anambra and Imo states are observed to have silty loamy soil texture in low proportion.

What is the history of Enugu? ›

Enugu acquired township status in 1917 and was called Enugwu-Ngwo, but because of the rapid expansion towards areas owned by other indigenous communities, the city was renamed in 1928 to Enugu. The British became more aware of the strategic interests of this area, and other foreign businesses began to move into Enugu.

What are the three major festivals? ›

Diwali, Eid and Christmas are the major festivals celebrated in India.


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Introduction: My name is Dr. Pierre Goyette, I am a enchanting, powerful, jolly, rich, graceful, colorful, zany person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.