Five reasons Ireland have secured Guinness Six Nations Grand Slam glory (2023)

It was his first Grand Slam title since 2018, howevertheir first home title since 1985and their first clean win in Dublin – the only home win of that kind came in Belfast in 1948.

It all started with a Round 1 win over Wales in Cardiff, their first in the Welsh capital in a decadeVictory over France in Dublinin a Guinness Six Nations classic cemented his status as world number one.

Italy and Scotland were conquered in Rome and Edinburgh respectively and their victory over England on Super Saturday earned them the Grand Slam title and the Triple Crown in front of a roaring crowd at the Aviva Stadium on a special St Patrick's Day weekend.

But what made Ireland stand out in one of the most competitive tournaments in recent memory?

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World class back row

Ireland had a not-so-secret weapon in the back row in 2022 World Rugby Player of the Year Josh van der Flier, but this championship was mostly a team effort in the back row with Peter O'Mahony, Caelan Doris and Jack. Conan all have important roles to play.

The four players are so amazingly different, which makes them such a strong defence, something that has become a huge strength on Andy Farrell's side.

Van der Flier was a skilled ball carrier, running 205 yards, scoring one try and also assisting one throughout the championship, but he really won his corn on defense, making 67 tackles throughout to finish third overall. .

O'Mahony was also defensively destructive, but in a different way. He made the fewest tackles (34) but had the highest dominant tackle percentage (15%) of the four while being a heavily used lineout option and winning fifteen.

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Van der Flier and O'Mahony were also an unlikely but crucial backline combination at BT Murrayfield as the former had to roll down the line through injury and the latter was his target in attack.

Then there's Doris, who is such a good ball carrier, going 275 yards (55 per game) while her second-minute try against Wales set the tone for the Championship and none had more than her five turnovers.

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Conan was just as effective off the bench as arguably the most balanced of the four players. He scored a crucial try against Scotland, assisted Dan Sheehan with a quality discharge against England, won two turnovers and finished with a 96% inputs success rate.

There are some excellent defenses in the Guinness Six Nations, but perhaps none more so than Ireland's, and they played a big part in its success.


To quote Ted Lasso, Ireland went into this championship with confidence, which may sound trivial, but he always took it easy, even in difficult times.

After becoming world number one with a historic win in the Test series over New Zealand, they won all three Tests in the Autumn Nations Series and defeated world champions South Africa in Dublin.

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That meant they came into the championship with a goal on their backs, but it also meant they knew how to win, even against the best.

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Most people saw their tie with France in Dublin in Round 2 as crucial, especially as Farrell's men conquered Cardiff, but after losing just four of their last 50 games at the Aviva Stadium there was no doubt they would progress.

Damian Penaud's wonderful effort would have raised some doubts, after all France are the last team to win there (2021) while England faced a high-pressure game which they also won there (2019).

But Ireland ended up coming through those games with relative ease, winning both games by 13 points, and their confidence is growing.

Play for Sexton

One of the big talking points early in the championship was that it would beThe Last by Johnny Sexton.

Many people have already put two and two together and watched as Sexton sealed the Irish Grand Slam to finally join Karl Mullen in the honors, and the players accepted that, too.

From the emotional performances of Ireland's call in Dublin to the obvious relief of having crossed the line in all five games, this side not only played for the shield but for their leader as well.


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Sexton achieved legendary status (if he hadn't already) by overtaking Ronan O'Gara as the championship's top points-scorer before doing something no All-Ireland captain had done in 75 years and celebrating a Grand Slam .

Players may not admit it, but he played a big part in their success as stars aligned for Sexton.

A chain of three full of surprises

Ireland's back three at this championship was simply world class.

Hugo Keenan, James Lowe and Mack Hansen have become an unbeatable trio in the backfield that Farrell can count on no matter what, but they've also become more than that.

All three players had their moments of individual quality, be itLowe's scandalous try against France in Round 2,Hansen's incredible finish against Scotland in Round 4 or Keenan's superb try against Les Bleus, they all became world-class finalists.

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That added wow factor adds a lot to the Irish game, wiping out tough chances and delivering quality touches in tight games to put them on the right side of the scoreboard.

Lowe and Hansen scored three tries while Keenan scored two, and Lowe and Keenan were the top two in the entire championship, showing how much attacking style they bring to the game, but there was very little in terms of errors. .

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There were only four knock-ons between the three in five games, an unbelievable statistic considering how many high balls they handled.


Although Ireland managed to win all of their games by double figures, it was not an easy championship for either them or Farrell.

Injuries began before they even began, with Tadhg Furlong and Robbie Henshaw ruled out, while Sexton himself was ready for Cardiff.

Jamison Gibson-Park was then forced to retire minutes before the game started when Conor Murray suddenly started and Craig Casey was on the bench.

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They kept coming back too, with Dan Sheehan missing the France game with a thigh strain before Rob Herring injured his head in the 25th minute of the game, then Tadhg Beirne went down and Sexton also had to go early.

It was then Finlay Bealham's turn against Italy, who suffered a severe knee ligament tear in Rome, before Ireland met BT Murrayfield, where Iain Henderson broke his arm, Garry Ringrose suffered a head injury and Doris retired with a hip injury and both Sheehan and Ronan Kelleher left with shoulder injuries, leading to Cian Healy taking over at Hooker and Van der Flier bowling in the lineouts.

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Against England, Keenan was sent off at half-time, bringing the championship total to 14 injuries, but they still won every one of their games by a decent margin.

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Andy Farrell has built a team that has real depth but not only that, he has also built a highly adaptable squad as he showed in Edinburgh which bodes well for Ireland's next mission - the Rugby World Cup.


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