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With the workplace projects you can combine components, tables and data ads to prepare your analysis and share it with every person in your organization.Before you start with your first project, you will find out how you access, navigate and manage your projects.

Here is a video for creating a work space project:

Project list

When you go for the first timeAnalyse>working spaceThe page lists all the projects that you own or shared.This is also the target page for Adobe Analytics, unless you have previously set up a personalized target page.

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The project page contains the following information:


Some columns are not displayed by default.To adapt the displayed columns, click theAdjust the tableSymbolGeneral Project Description |Adobe Analytics (2).

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Edit SettingsManage the configuration for the analysis room and its associated components for all new projects or panels that you believe.
create folderAdd a new folder or subfolder to the list of projects and folders.
Create projectStart a new project from zero or APresentation.
show moreContains options for creating an empty project or a mobile point.See training tutorials, ÖSee the version of the version.
View folder and projectsChoose if you display the structure of the project folder.For more information, seeOn folders in the analysis.
Adjustment table (symbol)You can adapt the information you have displayed for each project on the project page.
NameName of the workplace project.
TypIndicates whether this is a work space project, a folder or aMobile command box.
Hang -TagsTags used for the project.
ProgrammedIndicates whether the projects should be sent to the recipients at the same time by e -mail.Program projects.
Shared Link (jeder)The projects can be shared to everyone, even with people who have no access to the analysis room.This column shows whether the projects were shared in this way.Share a project with one person (no registration is required)InShare projectsfor more informations.
Suite von InformationThe report on reports with which the project is assigned.
For projectualDisplays your role for the project: owner, edit, double, see.
ownerThe person who created this project (either you or someone who shared the project with you).
Divided withUsers with whom the project was shared.
Last updatedDate and time when the project was last changed.
Last openingDate and time when the project was opened for the last time.
ID -ProjektThe identification of the project.
Larger date rangeThe longest date of the project.
Number of consultationsThe total number of consultations contained in the project.
LocationThe folder in which the project is located.

Menu bar

Within a project, the menu offers options for managing the project, to add components, you will find help and more on any menu option can also be accessed via the keyboardconnections.

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ProjectIncludes joint measures for project management, including new, open, saving, saving as andSave as a template.You can also update the entire project to restore the latest data and definitions by clicking on the update project.Download CSV and PDFWith the options you can export data from the work area.It offers many options for managing your project.
EditTake your last action back or build it up again.Book everything, everything will restore your project to an empty starting point.
insertionTake new panels or visualizations in this menu.You can also insert new panels and visualizations from the left rail.
ComponentsCreate a new segment, calculated metric, rank of data or warning components of your project.You can also create new components from the left rail.If your component definitions have recently changed, the update components will restore the latest definitions.
shareCurle, Share and Program PDF/CSV projects to recipients of your organization.
HelpAccess to auxiliary documentation, videos and analysisExperience the league community.schrubben. Incuentre Details on the work area and the factors that influence the projectactually.
Share the button or the ownerIf it is properly or edition for the project, you can access the share in the first right with a single click on the share to manage the recipients of your project.If you are in a double role or see the project, you will see the name of the names of the owner of the project.

Project information and configuration

working space>Project>Project information and configurationSet information on the currently active project level.

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(Video) Project Management Status Reports [WHAT TO INCLUDE]

The configuration includes:

NAME des projectThe name given to the project can click on the name to edit it.
Created byName of the project owner
Last updatedDate of the last change to the project.
Hang -TagsList on any label that is applied to a project for easier categorization.
DescriptionA description is useful to clarify the purpose of a project.It can click on the description to edit it.
Tell the repeated instances of the projectIndicates whether the repeated instances in the reports are counted.For example, this configuration (if activated) acts several views of successive pages on the same side as the multiple sides.This means that they are considered a single side view (this is only concerned with certain metrics, such as one -sided visits).Use: This configuration does not apply to flow displays or consequences.
Project color paletteYou can change the categorical color palette that is used in the work area when selected from pallets that have been optimized for using color blindness or specify your user -defined range.These characteristic effects affect many things in the work area, including most visualizations.
DensityYou can see more data on the screen by reducing the vertical filling of the left rail, free formal and cohort panels.

Links Riel

Within a project,Panels, Mesas,Visualizations, yComponentsIt is made accessible from the left rail.These are the construction blocks of your project.

You can also access visualizations and panels from theSpacesAlso.

Components (dimensions, metric, segments, date areas) in the left rail.They refer to the active panel reports.The active panel has a blue edge around him.

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Right -click

Here you will find a video about the use of the legal click menu in the analysis work area:

(Video) Adobe Summit 2023 Opening Keynote

Project Canvas

In the Project Canvas there are panels, tables, visualizations and components to create its analysis change.A project can contain many panels and each panel can contain many tables and visualizations.

The panels are useful if you want to organize your projects in accordance with the periods, reports on reports or the use of the analysis.The active panel has a blue edge around you and determine which components are available in the left rail.

Depending on the starting point you choose for your projects, you have oneFree tableÖSpacesOn the canvas to start.The fastest way to analyze is to select one or many components and simply publish them on the project.A data table is automatically displayed for you.Learn moreOn the various options to create a table or use oursTrainings -TutorialTo get more guidelines for the construction of your first project.

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Project manager

The analysis of work space projects can be carried out inAnalysis> Components> ProjectsThe project mintinator shows the elements that a certain user has created.

Project ownership can be transferred to a new user in admin> users and assets> transmission capacity.

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In the project manager you can add, label, share, duplicate/copy and copy.

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The following actions are common in the project manager and can be taken in one or many projects at the same time:

Add toCreate a new project from the ground up or start from onePresentation.
Mark the consentChoose "label" or "approve" to organize your projects and make it easier to find them.
shareProvide a project for other analysis users in your company.
ExtinguishEliminate your project.
RenameEdit the name of your project.
CopyCreate a double copy of your project.This creates a new project project and an ID.No action or schedule that is linked to the original project are not copied.
Export to CSVDownload your project as a CSV file that contains simple text data. functions

(Video) The Role of the Project Coordinator - Project Management Training

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