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The Jose Cuervo Company was born during the viceroy's reign in the 18th century and is still active today thanks to a brilliant man who revolutionized the tequila industry, a 100% Mexican-inspired drink. Let's explore its history.

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The tequila drink, formerly called tequila, is an ancient drink that has been known and enjoyed in the western regions of our country since pre-Hispanic times. With the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century, the distillation of fermented agaves became more common, resulting in the distillate known today as tequila. From then to now, Mexicans have drunk and enjoyed tequila at ceremonies, ceremonies, and family gatherings.

A bottle of Household Reserve Tequila. (2020) The World of CrowsBeckman A.C. Foundation

Tequila: The national drink of Mexico

Josécurve“Founded in the 18th century in the city of Tequila, the company is one of the most traditional tequila companies in Mexico and one of the oldest in the Americas, having been active since the viceroyalty.

Genealogy of the Cuervo Family (2020) by Mundo CuervoBeckman A.C. Foundation

The long-term continuity and success of the Jose Cuervo company can only be explained through the records of the life and work of successive generations of entrepreneurs and workers who have enabled the company to survive through historical events, revolutions, etc.

Jose Antonio de Cuervo and Valdes of UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

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first visionary

Jose Antonio de Cuervo and Valdez and Garcia de las Rivas(1708–1764) Mayor of the Tequila Association. On November 2, 1758, he received a land title decree (Auto de Propiedad de Tierras) recognizing him as the owner of the 14.26 hectare "Solar of the Ánimas" (Place of the Soul). Since then, the main business has been the cultivation of agaves (mezcal) and tequila (Mezcal) production and distribution.

Description of the massive acquisition of agave fields by José Prudencio de Cuervo y Montaño (2020) by UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

Jose Prudencio de Cuervo y Montagno

his eldest sonJose Prudencio de Cuervo y MontagnoBorn in Tequila (1739–1811), he built his tireless work as a merchant and farmer in the village of Tequila. In the late 1770s he began acquiring land through small purchases. He negotiated agave plants and stills to produce on his own land for the expanding industry, and personally oversaw the cask distillation and bottling.

José Maria Guadalupe from The Unknown Crow and the Mountain.Beckman A.C. Foundation

Jose Maria Guadalupe of Raven Mountain

the youngest child of the family,Jose Maria Guadalupe of Raven Mountain(1762-1805), asked the King of Spain for permission to distribute Mezcal and was granted royal power of attorney in 1795. He built the first distillery or "tavern" for processing fruit juices. mezcal The distillery is currently called "La Rochna, still in operation today, and visitors are privileged to learn about this old factory as it was built by ancestors in the time of the Viceroy.

Mary Magdalene of Crow Lane von UnbekanntBeckman A.C. Foundation

Maria Magdalena de Cuervo Carrillo

Maria Magdalena de Cuervo Carrillo(1792-1815) inherited several tequila estates from her father, Jose Maria Guadalupe, and her uncle, Jose Prudencio. Mary Magdalene married Jose Vincent Albino Rojas y Jimenez, Jose Cuervo, in 1810 (Jose Cuervo inherited the tavern after his death in January).Thereddish, a mezcal winery.

Jose Vincent Albino Rojas Jimenez by UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

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Jose Vincent Albino Rojas Jimenez and „La Rojeña“ (1790-1868)

Through his marriage to María Magdalena de Cuervo y Carrillo and his own commercial qualities,Vincent Albino RojasBecame the worldwide administrator of his father-in-law and brother-in-law's estate. Then,Having inherited part of the estate following the early death of his wife, he bought the rest from the respective owners. Rojas will turn Taberna de José Cuervo intoLa Rochna, a mezcal winery.

Rojeña Plant from Raven WorldBeckman A.C. Foundation

Rot. Weingut House Crow

In 1842, La Rojeña was characterized by a production of 400 casks per week. Since 1849, La Rojeña has been one of the top ten mezcal factories in the state of Tequila. They exported their produce to other parts of Mexico, and by 1849 the product was being sold from La Rojeña to San Francisco via the Port of San Blas in response to demand created by the California highland "gold rush" (1849).

Jesus Flores and Ponce by UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

Jesus Flores and Ponce

Jesus Flores and Ponce, (1826-1898) was mayor of Tequila in 1879. Due to his efficient management, he joined La Rojeña as an administrator. After the death of Jose Vincent Albino Rojas, Jesus Flores remains at the helmLa RochnaAchieved excellent results that allowed him to acquire the rights to each ranch and all agave fields, as well as the distillery. In 1880 he was the owner of the entire estate.

Unknown Mezcal label from the La Constancia wineryBeckman A.C. Foundation

Jesús Flores fortune and fortune was further increased by inheriting a significant estate from his first wife, Tomasa Martínez Montoya. Flores managed the company while in La Paz Porfiriana. He uses the political-economic environment to propose growth based on technological innovations.

So he started bottling tequila in glass bottles called “Damajuanas”; until then the drink had only been sold in casks. The opening of the Guadalajara Railroad (1888) facilitated the expansion of its market into the eastern United States and Europe. In 1891 President Porfirio Díaz awarded Jesús Flores a gold medal for the quality of its products.

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He changed the name of the winery from "La Rojeña" to "La Constancia".

Ana Gonzalez-Rubio and the Tower of UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

Ana Gonzalez Rubio de la Torre (1857-1940)

Ana Gonzalez Rubio, second wife of Jesus Flores. When she became a widow in 1898, she became heir to the estate and the successful company. She later acquired Hacienda de Abajo, a 13 percent interest in mezcal wineries Tequila Mountain, La Guareña, and La Martineña. She has excellent leadership skills and is able to make precise decisions in difficult times for the company. At Tequila, she has sponsored a number of charitable initiatives.

Jose Cuervo La Bastida Flowers by UnknownBeckman A.C. Foundation

Jose Cuervo La Bastida

Ana married José Cuervo Labastida y Flores (1869-1921) for the second time in 1900. At the time of the marriage, José Cuervo y Labastida was manager of the La Constancia winery, owned by Ana. They are donors to the tequila community. They built the railroad, expanded the Plaza de Armas, paved streets, put running water in houses, restored schools, and donated land for city cemeteries and other civic initiatives.

Ana Gonzalez Rubio, de la Torre and Jose Cuervo La Bastida Flores. von unbekanntBeckman A.C. Foundation

Ana Gonzalez Rubio's second wedding

Ana González-Rubio and José Cuervo Labastida have an important place in the history of the Jose Cuervo company, as they implemented numerous strategic actions that have survived to this day and have brought the company a good reputation.

They restored the distillery's historical name and restored the original name:the Red,Over time, the name continues the company's history to this day. Another fundamental strategic move was to trademark the Jose Cuervo name, hence the generic name “Tequila"Used in tequila regions to denote tequila.

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From that moment on, Jose Cuervo's company experienced exponential growth that continues to this day. To learn more, visit part two of this exhibition.

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