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Jet Import NV collects and processes personal data from website visitors (name, phone number, email address and required billing information) and optional (non-mandatory) data (including interest in our brand).

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Legal basis for processing

Personal data is processed in accordance with AVG/DSGVO Art. 6.1

  • Contract basis: Necessary for the fulfillment of the contract
  • Legitimate Interests: Necessary for the proper functioning and management of the business
  • allow


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1. Validity of the Conditions of Sale

    • These general terms and conditions of sale apply to every order placed via JET IMPORT, notwithstanding any conflicting provisions in the customer's documents. With the order, the customer confirms the acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of JET IMPORT.
    • JET IMPORT reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale by publishing a new version. However, the general terms and conditions valid at the time of the order always apply to current orders.

    2. Orders and Prices

      • Orders (including those from agents or representatives) are only binding for JET IMPORT after payment has been made.
      • All prices include VAT.
      • The prices shown are subject to change at any time. In the case of an order, the sale takes place at the price valid at the time of the order.

      3. Terms of delivery and shipping

        • All our goods are delivered, dispatched or transported at the risk of the customer, even if the goods are carriage paid.
        • JET IMPORT aims to deliver orders generally within 2 to 5 working days of receipt provided the order is in available stock.
        • The above delivery time is specified in the order and is for reference only. Late delivery, for whatever reason, does not give rise to any right to compensation, nor constitute a reason for refusal of delivery or termination of the contract, nor does it relieve the customer of his obligations.

        4. Retention of Title

          • Contrary to Article 1583 of the Dutch Civil Code, the goods sold or delivered remain the exclusive property of JET IMPORT until full payment of the principal, interest and charges. Notwithstanding the retention of title, the risk of loss or damage passes when the customer takes possession of the goods.
          • As long as the retention of title exists, a security transfer or pledging of the goods is excluded. In the event of a court seizure of the goods, the customer must immediately issue a reminder.
          • The sale of articles is permitted by the customer within the framework of normal business operations. Until his claims have been settled in full, he has already assigned the claims thus obtained to JET IMPORT. JET IMPORT takes over this task.

          5. Terms of Delivery, Complaints and Liability

            • The customer must ensure that the goods can be delivered normally via JET IMPORT and that the place of delivery is easily accessible. If this requirement is not met, the customer is obliged to compensate JET IMPORT for all damage incurred.
            • The customer must inspect the delivered goods immediately.
            • In the event of obvious defects in the goods, the customer must notify JET IMPORT in writing by registered mail within 3 working days of receipt of the goods in order to avoid discussions about the above protest period.After this period, JET IMPORT is only liable for hidden defects that make the item unusable for the intended use, and only as long as JET IMPORT knew or should have known about these defects. Claims for hidden defects must be submitted to the competent court within 30 days of discovery of the defect, otherwise they will lapse.
            • Submitting a claim does not in any way suspend the customer's payment obligations.
            • In the event of obvious defects, JET IMPORT will deliver a new product as a replacement or refund the customer the invoice amount. In the event of hidden defects or other errors, JET IMPORT's compensation is always limited to the refund of the price received. Under no circumstances is JET IMPORT liable for indirect consequential damage (loss of profit, drop in sales, increase in operating costs, loss of customers...).

            6. Return

              • Only returned goods in perfect condition, with a sufficient shelf life, in the original packaging, unopened and with proof of payment will be returned. Only JET IMPORT checks whether the requirements for recycling are met and decides on reimbursement. In this case, JET IMPORT only reimburses the invoice value of the goods. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the customer.

              7. Billing

                • Orders are invoiced at the VAT rate applicable on the day of the order.

                8. Payment

                  • Orders must be paid for online prior to delivery, however different payment terms apply.
                  • In the case of invoicing, the invoice is sent together with the goods or to the billing address if this differs from the delivery address and must be paid within 15 days of the invoice date.
                  • The unconditional payment of part of the invoice is considered acceptance of the entire invoice.
                  • If the price is not paid in whole or in part on the due date, the customer will owe interest at a rate of 12% per year from that date in accordance with the statutory provisions and, in the absence of a notice of default, at least the prescribed interest art word. 5 Law of August 2, 2002; In addition to the above interests, JET IMPORT is also subject to Art. 6 Law. 02/08/2002, entitled to a fixed compensation of 10% of the principal sum, but at least 150 euros.
                  • Failure to pay requires immediate payment of all outstanding invoices, including those that are not overdue, regardless of the payment terms originally granted. JET IMPORT reserves the right to suspend future deliveries or to terminate the contract, without prejudice to the right to compensation..

                  9. Breach of Contract

                    • JET IMPORT is entitled to suspend its obligations or to withdraw from the contract without judicial intervention if the customer does not meet its contractual obligations and does not respond to the notification of breach of contract or does not respond effectively to the notification of breach of contract within 8 days of receipt of the notice of breach of contract. working days. , without prejudice to the right to compensation.

                    10. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

                      • Belgian law applies exclusively.
                      • The courts of the district of Kortrijk in the judicial district of West Flanders have exclusive jurisdiction.

                      11. Privacy

                        • JET IMPORT does not sell customer personal data to third parties and treats them strictly in accordance with applicable laws and its confidentiality policy.


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