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About La Colombe

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coffee works!Doveis a Philadelphia-based coffee roaster with aPassion for Third Wave Coffee and Sustainability. Since 1994, the company has pioneered the direct trade model of coffee sourcing.

Con176kFollowers on Instagram and51kLiked on Facebook, this brand has a strong reputation for roasting tasty, ethical beers. Today you can find their roasts in 30 retail stores across the US.

Does this brand have what it takes to make your morning cup of coffee one to remember? This La Colombe review is here to find out. In the following sections, we take a deeper look at the company and its mission, customer testimonials, answers to key FAQs, and more to help you make an informed decision.

Panoramic of La Colombe

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La Colombe was born in 1994 as an idea of ​​two peopleself-proclaimed coffee fanatics, Jean Philippe Iberti and Todd Carmicheal. He may recognize the name Carmicheal from the hit Travel Channel showdangerous soilwhere he reviews remote and renowned coffee producing regions of the world and sources coffee for La Colombe.

In 1994, the dynamic duo were constantly disappointed in the coffee they received after a gourmet experience: that coffee was sometimes so mediocre that it spoiled an excellent meal. So the team got to work creating it."culinary cafe"– a special concoction that would go with thatsame sensory experienceas top food.

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La Colombe opened his first coffee shop on Philadelphia's 19th Street that same year, roasting coffee in the back of the shop. The effort met growing demand, and in December 1994, the company opened its first roastery.

20 years later, La Colombe can be found in some of the most elite restaurants in the world! The company has maintained this success to this day.commitment to sustainabilityclose to your heart. In 2009, the brand developed a coffee made exclusively from Hatain coffee, realizing that what was once a coffee mecca was now financially ruined.

With the help of the Clinton Foundation he brought the initiative$350.000He invested in Haitian coffee farmers and founded the Haitian Coffee Academy.

On the occasion of the company's 20th anniversary, La Colombe inaugurated a new company dedicated to distillation. During a trip to Haiti, Carmicheal and Iberti noticed the large amounts of sugar cane growing around the coffee fields and decided that they could make rum and help the Haitian economy. This is how the La Colombe distillery was born!

Around the same time, the coffee company launched theirs.latte on tap, a cold-pressed canned espresso with foamed milk (delicious!). The Cold Brew line is available in coffee shops and supermarkets across the country.

In case you haven't noticed yet, this brand is doing amazing things for both coffee lovers and the world. Before we dive into the unique and inspired beers, this La Colombe review will dwell on the highlights:


  • Wide range of roasts that can appeal to any coffee connoisseur.
  • It also offers creative canned coffee products such as cold single-origin brews and lattes on tap.
  • Reasonable prices on par with Starbucks brands.
  • Multiple promotions available
  • sustainability goals
  • Available at a variety of retailers from Amazon to Whole Foods
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You're not sure where to start? Don't worry, this La Colombe review is here to save the day. In the following sections, we cover the products that customers love the most. From canned coffee to premium beans, we've got you covered.

The company knows how scary it is when you run out of coffee, especially on those mornings when you sleep until your alarm goes off and everything goes wrong. therefore you cansubscribe to your favorite roasts, to make sure you never run out of coffee. Just pick your favorite mix, choose how often you want it delivered, and that's it.

La Colombe Cold Brew Review

This brand pushes the limits with fresh, cold concoctions and we're thirsty for more. Let's take a look at some of La Colombe's best-selling cold beers.

Cold Brew La Colombe barrel refrigerator pack tested

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Every time we log on to TikTok, our FYP is filled with people showing how they make their iced coffee. Cold beers seem to have taken over completely, and La ColombeCold Brew Fridge Pack on TapIt was designed to keep you stocked up on the good stuff.

Each package comes withone gallonLa Colombe's Dark Roast Single Origin Brazilian Cold Brew Coffee. This particular beer is made entirely by the brand, from sourcing to brewing and everything in between. is described ascheeky and crazywith natural sweetness.

housed in oneairtight containerFor freshness, simply turn on the faucet for a convenient cup of coffee whenever you want it. You get eleven 12-ounce servings in each package. take one for$34.

La Colombe Extra Bold Cold Brew refrigerator pack put to the test

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Need to add some strong, cold caffeine to those groggy mornings? the columbineExtra Bold Cold Brew Fridge PackI got you coveredgallon containerCold Brew on tap features a push button for convenient access to a little boost of energy.

Each box is sealed in an airtight container and fits perfectly on a refrigerator shelf. The coffee is brewed extra vigorously so you know you're getting a solid cup.

Cold brew starts with wash,monovarietal beans from Brazilthat acquire the classic chocolate walnut profile of the region. La Colombe takes the roasting of these beans to the dark side, enhancing that classic profile.

The box has an expiration of six months before opening it; Once opened, La Colombe recommends consuming it within 30 days. Do you want to be bold in your morning? This cold beer pack can be yours$34.

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La Colombe Nitro Extra Bold Cold Brew Bewertung

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Die colombeNitro Extra Bold Cold Brew makes it easy to add a little boldness to your day. Made ofSingle Origin 100% Brazilian Arabica Coffee, this brew has all the sweetness and nuttiness of Brazilian coffee in a convenient can. The dark roast refines the brew and makes it sparkle on the ice.

The best thing about added nitro is that it creates onemilky texturewithout the addition of dairy products. This creamy mix is ​​vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and sugar-free.

HeNitro Extra Bold Cold BrewIt has a shelf life, but is best enjoyed chilled for the ultimate summer refreshment. A 12 pack is available for$36.

La Colombe Cafe Review

As much as we love a cold Bevie, nothing beats a steaming cup of coffee in the morning. Next up, this La Colombe coffee review will warm up and dive into some of the brand's best sellers around the world.

La Colombe Fishtown Review

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Die colombefish townBlend pays homage to the place where it all began. This seasonal café is named after the neighborhood where the brand's flagship café is located.

Fishtown is a medium roast with complex notes ofBergamot, stone fruit and caramel. The mix is ​​constantly changing with the seasons, but one thing is for sure: it's a balanced, fruity staple of the La Colombe menu.

The current iteration of the blend uses coffee fromBrazilYColombiato give it that deep caramel and chocolate profileEthiopiafor the necessary fruitiness. The 12-ounce box can brighten your morning.$15.

La Colombe Frogtown Review

La Colombe Review - You Must Read This Before You Buy (10)

Andfish townnamed after the cafe in La Colombe's hometown,frog cityis a tribute to the company's first West Coast roastery. With a world famous coffee blend from Brazil, Colombia and Guatemalamedium roastIt is roasted in small batches to get the best out of each coffee.

The mix is ​​named after a Los Angeles neighborhood called Frogtown. The area began with an influx of Mexican American communities in the early 20th century. Today it is a thriving center rooted in culture and art.

This coffee blend takes on a more traditional flavor profile with notes ofMarzipan, cocoa and hazelnut. Add some comfort to your mornings with La Colombefrog citymix off$15for a 12-ounce box.

La Colombe Nice Review

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DoveBonitoit's aBlend with medium roastwhich takes its name from the co-founder's hometown. Jean Philippe Iberti hails from Nice, France, a city known for producing some of the best honey in the world.

Taking cues from the most beautiful city in the world, its coffee has a desert-like quality that pairs perfectly with a sweet treat. It has decadent tasting notes ofmilk chocolate,walnuts, YBrownies.

While you can useBonitoTo prepare an excellent filter coffee, La Colombe offers this blend as an espresso in its coffees. Best of all, this sugary coffee is a treat! Grab a 12-ounce bag for$13.

Who is La Colombe suitable for?

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Most people wake up in the morning wanting a steaming cup of coffee. Trust us when we tell you about this purchasehigher quality beans and mixesit makes a world of difference and allows you to turn a pleasurable but everyday ritual into a delicious taste experience.

(Video) La Colombe - The Theatre of Great Food

If you're already a big coffee connoisseur, La Colombe has a lot to offermundane mixtures– is more or less a guarantee that you will discover something new. If you're used to making quick instant coffees, you'll definitely notice a difference when you switch to a more inspired brew.

This La Colombe review found that the company does a great job of offering high-quality, delicious beans.affordable prices. The brand's tasting profiles are also a crowd pleaser, making them a great choice if you're just starting out down the coffee rabbit hole.

La Colombe Reviews: What are customers saying?

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It's time to turn the microphone over to customers in this La Colombe review to get a better idea of ​​La Colombe products. Below are reviews from the company's website, Amazon, and Yelp.

Starting with the La Colombe website, we found that every product we covered received an impressive rating from4.5/5 starsor higher. The positive reviews also made it past the best seller list. Hear:

  • fish town: average of4.7/5 starsfrom 63 reviews
  • frog city: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 61 reviews
  • Bonito: average of4.6/5 starsfrom 513 reviews
  • corsica: average of4.8/5 starsfrom 648 reviews
  • Azul: average of4.7/5 starsfrom 179 reviews
  • lyon: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 136 reviews
  • Monaco: average of4.7/5 starsfrom 109 reviews
  • Africa: average of4.8/5 starsfrom 81 reviews

we were fascinatedfish town, so we decided to delve into the comments. One customer described the coffee's profile as soft and welcoming. They continued:

I have been buying and loving La Colombo coffee since the start of Covid (it arrives at my doorstep very well). Fish Town is the best yet. Not overwhelming or overly tasty. Soft shades that are smooth and luscious.

Let's move on to its sister blend.frog city, We find reviews as positive as this one praisingconsistencyof the cup: "This is consistently great coffee; Rich and smooth roast, never bitter. I use a french press and this is my morning favorite!

Next, we were curious how cold drinks would hold up to coffee, so we researched the options available on Amazon and we weren't disappointed. Each product was rated4.5/5 starsthe tallest:

  • cold coffe: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 740 reviews
  • Cold Brew Coffee - milk and sugar: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 621 reviews
  • Barrel mocha latte: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 3127 reviews
  • Oat Milk Draft Latte Vanilla: average of4.5/5 starsof 943 review
  • Cold Brew Coffee - Colombian without sugar: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 960 reviews
  • Cold brewed coffee – extra fett: average of4.5/5 starsfrom 122 reviews

Starting with theExtra strong cold beer, we did find some comments complaining that it was too bitter and bold, but these were outweighed by positive comments like this: "This cold beer is delicious! This is so good, I could drink it without any additional ingredients, and I usually add cream! I prefer the fat one over all the other cold roasts they offer.

Next we look at themmocha on tapto see what all the fuss was about. Most people loved the subtle sweetness despite the cost, like this satisfied customer:

This coffee is simply delicious. The taste is always the same and it tastes like chocolate but it is slightly sweet. I don't even bother buying another brand anymore, I've found the perfect one.

Finally, to get an idea of ​​how the retail locations stack up against the rest of the business, we turned to Yelp to research their main location in Philadelphia. received4.5/5 starsout of 500 reviews, and it waspraised for the vibeas well as high-quality beer, as in this testimonial:​​

"Popped in for a bite to eat and a latte. I have always loved coming to La Colombe because I love their coffee! It has a very chill atmosphere with lots of comfortable seating areas. It has great baristas and a very good selection of pastries, sandwiches and salads.This is where the coffee is roasted!Always fun to support local businesses.

We've scoured Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau, but couldn't find any unresolved complaints. We have to give it to the company as it was hard to find negative feedback on this La Colombe review. Customers clearly gravitate towards yourinspired and balanced mixes.

Is La Colombe worth it?

La Colombe Review - You Must Read This Before You Buy (14)

Based on everything we've covered in this La Colombe review, we have to say that the coffee company isdefinitely worth it. The brand offers super delicious coffees at the usual prices. For just a few dollars more, you can make your coffee sing.

Aside from the coffee beans, the company does some interesting things with them.bottled coffee, from a freshly drawn latte to a cold single variety beer. La Colombe combines traditional coffee with innovative and inspired methods to create products that arecurrent and appetizing.

La Colombe promotions and discounts

La Colombe Review - You Must Read This Before You Buy (15)
(Video) La Colombe | Black & Tan

No matter how cheap a brand is, a little hype never hurts! We found three promotions in this La Colombe review:

  • Free shipping on larger orders$50
  • Subscribe to the newsletter to receive10% reducedyour first order
  • 20% discountBulk coffee purchases.

Where to buy La Colombe

La Colombe Review - You Must Read This Before You Buy (16)

To take advantage of brand deals and ensure you're getting the freshest beans, head You can also find select mixes at Walmart, Amazon, Whole Foods, and a variety of other retailers.

Frequently asked questions

La Colombe Review - You Must Read This Before You Buy (17)

Who is the owner of La Colombe?

La Colombe is owned by co-founders Todd Carmicheal and Jean Philippe Iberti. Recently, Hamdi Ulukaya, the founder of Chobani, also bought a stake in the company.

What does "La Colombe" mean?

La Colombe means translated"Dove."This phrase pays homage to the French background of co-founder Jean Philippe Iberti.

Where is La Colombe made?

La Colombe currently operates three roasters in Chicago, Los Angeles and Philadelphia. The brand makes all of its canned goods in a facility in Michigan.

Does La Colombe ship internationally?

La Colombe currently only ships to the United States (including Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico) and Canada.

What is La Colombe's shipping policy?

La Colombe provides the following information regarding its shipping policies for US orders:

  • Free shipping on larger orders$50, with an estimated delivery time of5-10 business days
  • All canned goods (eg, cold brew) ship from the Michigan facility, while coffee ships from one of three roasters in Chicago, Philadelphia, or Los Angeles.
  • Most orders placed before 12:00 are shipped the same business day

What is La Colombe's return policy?

La Colombe offers a generous return policy depending on the product purchased. If you don't like the coffee, you can return it.In 30 days. It must be sent in its original packaging with an attached return form that can be found on their website.

La Colombe does not currently accept returns or exchanges on bottled/canned items. Finally, unused and unopened prep utensils can be returned to the brand.within two weeksForfull refund.

How to get to La Colombe

Do you have a question not covered in this La Colombe report? The coffee company can be contacted bymaking a requeston your website.

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