OffPage Optimization - Strategy and Tactics (2023)

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Off-page optimization is the sub-area of ​​search engine optimization that includes everything outside of the actual website. This includes backlinks as well as optimizing link building and inbound marketing. Backlinks are one of the strongest factors influencing the ranking of a website and are therefore extremely important for organic search results. Our comprehensive link building strategies are designed to increase your site's popularity and improve your site's rankings

Why is off-page optimization so important for a website?

The Internet is made up of a network of millions of websites connected by external links. this leads toimportantAndvaluable backlinks, which are weighted differently by Google. That's why it's important to make sure your website has thisHealthy backlink profileBy fine-tuning your off-page optimization. if you do, so will it besupport financiallythat of your websiterankingOn Google, in turn, this is a surefire way to make it easier to find

Our offsite optimization process for your website:

1. Analyze your website's backlink profile

Start with oneDetailed backlink analysisIn doing so, we evaluate the quantitative and qualitative aspects of each link, gradually creating a clear understanding and detailed analysis of your website's current backlink structure. Once this analysis is complete, we need to visit your website's Google Webmaster Tools to see all the Google backlink examples and get a deeper understanding of them. With many off-page optimization tools, we can identify suspicious elements in our backlink profile and examine them more closely as part of our analysis.

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Backlink data is relative, i. H. no hasty conclusions/decisions should be made on individual dates as all websites relate to different industries (niches) which in turn have different characteristics. For this reason, it's a good idea to compare your website's backlink data to that of your competitors.

In this analysis, we examine the following backlink data from your domain:

Link ratio per domain:

The ratio is the number of all backlinks divided by the number of all linking domains. (Example 1745/81=21.54; competitor: 1475/55=26.81. This number is only slightly lower than that of the competitor, indicating no violations.) This data can be used to predict behavior identify existing site-wide links. Site-wide links include links found on every page of the site. They are often placed in the footer or sidebar of a website and often violate Google's policies.

Deep Link Ratio:

The percentage of backlinks that point to the start page and the backlinks that point to deeper pages must also be analyzed in a departmental comparison. If the deep linking ratio differs too much from that of your direct competitors, Google can take this as an indication of a problem and have negative effects that can eventually lead to deductions or lower rankings. A high number of deep links can be taken as a signal that the domain has high-quality content deep in the domain structure and not just a shiny homepage.

Worried/Not Worried Ratio:

Percentage of backlinks with and without the rel="nofollow" attribute. This ratio of backlinks must also be checked in comparison to the competition. Google doesn't track these backlinks, so they don't report page rank. However, they are still part of your natural link profile. For this reason, we always ensure that a website's nofollow link ratio is healthy (e.g. a ratio that is so low that it could be considered suspicious) to ensure that it is not indicative of manipulative link building activities.

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No idea:

We identify anchor texts such as

  • Marke
  • money or long-tail keywords
  • composite link text

To maintain a healthy profile, we recommend that your website uses different types of anchor text and avoids using monetary keywords in anchor text. A suboptimal anchor text profile (Figure 1) can result in logarithmic or manual penalties from Google (Figure 2).

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The TLD indicates the referring top-level domain (e.g., .com, .org) that points to your website. When analyzing a TLD, we check whether your website (language and target market) matches the referring domain. For example, it could be suspicious if a German website (.de) is targeting the German and Austrian market, but backlinks are mainly coming from Polish (.pl) and English (.com) websites.

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usManualReview all pages that contain links from your site to get a clear picture of the different link sources and link types, e.g

  • Forums (with organic or non-natural links)
  • Online Catalogue
  • Article directory
  • media portal
  • Blogging (guest posts, comments)
  • organization chart
  • SEO pages (imprint are images)
  • site network
  • real quote page

We assess your situationweighted(Percentage)in your backlink profile. This allows us to create a more effective off-page strategy for you.

Topic relevance and link integration:

We pay attention to this when analyzing your backlinks manuallyshortcutYour website is a trending topicrelated pagesAnd get the ideal integration. In other words, it is very important that the backlink is on a page that is relevant to the topic and has anchor text that matches the link's target page. It is also very important to integrate backlinks on these pages.sensibleto ensure users do soActually click on it(click probability). We strongly recommend avoiding placing links in footers and sidebars (site-wide) and marking ad links with rel=nofollow.

2. We report the results of the analysis along with off-page optimization suggestions

Conduct a comprehensive analysis for developmentBest Off-Field Strategyand is used to define subsequent onesmeasure. We generally recommend removing, changing or disavowing existing and questionable backlinks. We will also show you the weaknesses of your backlink profile and tell you how to build it upefficient connection. Last but not least, we provide you with a tailor-made link building package that is not tied to a long-term contract.

3. Implement a separate off-page optimization measure

Next, we'll remove and change links, and work with you to create a list of links to disavow. In general, we recommend disavowing backlinks only as a last resort. Once that work is done, we start building organic and thematic links to ensure your website and its subpages consistently rank high in Google.

4. Check in with you regularly

We take care of you regularlydetail reportAbout new/deleting/declining backlinks. In addition, we monitor the results of off-page optimization measures and changes in your ranking.

Presentation of our services:

  • We conduct a careful analysis of the backlink structure of your website
  • You will receive advice and strategies for offsite optimization of your website from us
  • We provide you with regular reports based on detailed data

If you want to optimize your off-page presence, build effective links or just check your website's backlinks, ROCKITdigital will be happy to create a customized offer tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing you a solid and rocking approach to website success.

Do you have further questions about our services or do you need personal advice? Contact us, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer.


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