Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (2023)

The class system inRemnant: From the Ashesit is incredibly flexible and allows for a lot of customization and unique builds. As players begin experimenting with the various combinations of gear, mods, and abilities to get mastered builds, some have already come to dominate fan panels.

Some are fun to play but can have a moment or two where they struggle, others are designed with the end game in mind and limp through the first part, and still others are broken monstrosities that turn this game into a struggle.

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Updated September 24, 2021 by Ben Baker: With the recent expansions, there have been a number of changes and additions to the game. Some of these changes affectedBuildings from Remnant From The Ashes. It's too early to see if some of the best builds have been dethroned by these changes, but there are some new ways to play that are proving to be fun. For example, the Labyrinth armor set can now be used to dramatically increase DPS potential. This is great news forRemnant of Ashhunter Buildingsthey are based on burst damage via crits. Changes to cooldowns have also made sustainable life leech possible and let's not forget the really popular Eye of the Storm weapon. If you're thinking of diving back in, try some of the newbest remaining buildings.


Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (1)

Trustworthy is a singleRemnant From The Ashes Ex Cultist buildhe can handle almost any difficulty. The key is to increase the damage of the Devastator's weapon Skewer mod. To achieve this, players need to upgrade the weapon, obtain all three maze pieces, the Galen Amulet, the Gift of Iskal, and the Ring of Supremacy.

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Combine these pieces of gear with key traits like the Executioner and Kingslayer and this build can do some insane damage. Granted, this is largely boss-oriented, but having a useful secondary like the SMG+ with a Swarm Mod can handle groups very easily. It's simple, not too difficult to set up, and it works like a charm.


Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (2)

The understated construction is one of the most popular.Buildings from Remnant From The Ashesnow and that you should definitely try. The Underrated focuses on the new Eye of the Storm weapon. The key is to hit every enemy in a group at least once with a regular shot. You then activate the Weapon Mod's static field fire and watch the sparks fly.

The Labyrinth Set will drastically increase damage. Galenic Charm, Iskal's Gift and Ring of Supremacy also work wonders. So it's all about stacking relevant skills like Kingslayer, Spirit, Quick Hands, etc. This works best with groups, but can hold its own against bosses.


Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (3)
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This is a melee tank build that sustains itself through lifesteal via Riven. The build is all about getting in close and going on the offensive, in fact getting defensive with this build will get you killed. For those who like aggressive playstyles, this is one of thebest remaining buildingsfor that.

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Riven is an obvious must, Butcher's Fetish, Band of Strength and Leech Ember. It's important to have one piece from the Twisted set and two from the Scrapper set. Scrapper parts increase melee damage and Twisted will provide health regeneration along with bonuses to full health recovery.

15/12storm caller

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (4)

Dubbed the Remnant From The Ashes Destiny 2 build, this build can be a lot of fun. The key is the Beam Rifle with Stormcaller Mod. When activated, this mod will unleash a lightning storm and reduce damage taken by 50 percent.

It is recommended to increase damage through the usual means, such as the Labyrinth set and the Galen Spell. You should also have a secondary weapon with the Mod Blink Token for quick escapes. There are some enemies that can take the brunt of the storm and be dangerous in close combat.


Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (5)

The Unbreakable is a phenomenal build that works well on the ground, but really shines in co-op, whether defensively or offensively. On offense, players use the Beam Rifle with the Veil of the Black Tear Mod with the Void Set. In defense, the SMG with Howler immunity and also the Void Set.

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In fact, the empty set is really what holds this construct together. It will provide either an offensive or defensive buff. This build gives you the flexibility to play aggressively or hold and tank. It's a fun and adaptable build for any scenario or team setting.

15/10pure scraper

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (6)
(Video) Remnant From the Ashes Builds: Radiant Executioner (Crit Build)

This version took what makes Scrapper great and expanded on it. Pure Scrapper focuses on strong melee and melee combat to destroy and crush enemies. Unfortunately, melee is brutal in this game, so expect a long, hard battle from start to finish.

Maxing out the shotgun and resorting to the Petrified Maul when absolutely necessary is key to this build. Empty armor will give you some stopping power when your health gets low. The key is to blast the enemy before he has a chance to hit you.

15/09pure ex-cultist

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (7)

Pure Ex-Cultist is a bit more durable because they struggle in the midrange. The reason they don't rank higher is that this build also focuses on your support abilities, which is useless if you're flying solo.


The build shows the former cultist fighting with an assault rifle with the SMG on hold. This build's main damage will come from occasional crits, thanks to the Executioner trait and the Hunter's Mark mod. But, until the crit leaves, you're doing what you can to stay alive and whittle down opponents.

15/08pure hunter

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (8)

The Pure Hunter is the strongest of the Pure archetypes, but still struggles compared to other more unique builds. This version features long-range combat with the sniper rifle or Ruin against bosses with SMG as a secondary for groups, which is where he fights.

The Blind Token mod is great for staying away from enemies and the Hunter's Band increases your weak point damage. If you're in a group, this is a powerful build, but flying solo will be difficult.

15/07Scrapper Blaster/Slasher

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (9)

This build gives players a hybrid character that can rip enemies to shreds with the shotgun or split them with melee weapons. It's adaptable based on playstyle, so if the player is good at dodging, they rely more on melee and use Akari armor, while those who aren't so good at dodging roll with Void and Shotgun and just take a few more hits. .

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Gear is meant to increase damage and traits are meant to increase survivability to create a balance. Useful traits are things like Keeper's Blessing, Glutton, and Bark Skin. If you have good survivability, use Corrosive Aura for a weapon mod. If you die a lot, go to Mantle of Thorns.

15/06just melts

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (10)

Just Melts is a build that specializes in group kills and can defend against bosses, meaning it works well alone, but is designed for teams. The weapon is the Assault Rifle and SMG with Hot Shot magnification on the rifle.

Get traits like Trigger Happy to increase shooting speed, Quick Hands to increase reload speed, and Stamina to survive. Use Bandit armor to avoid burning all your bullets. There really isn't much to this style of play, just throw as many bullets at the enemy as possible and watch the bodies fall.

15/05fusion boss

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (11)

Boss Melter is a completely opposite concept to the Just Melts compilation. With this build, you'll want the Beam Rifle for incredible DPS against a single target. Use Devouring Loop for those occasional big hits at critical chance and then something to survive like Ezlan's Band.

Radiant Armor will increase your critical hit chance and damage after a critical hit, which is great with Devouring Loop. The same goes for the Hunter's Mark weapon mod, Executioner and Kingslayer traits. Just turn your beam on the boss and wait for the critical hits to kick in and drop. Like Just Melts, it's a one-trick pony, but a Just Melts with a Boss Melter makes a great team.

15/04sniper hunter

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (12)

This makes the player a long-range marksman with some ability to clear crowds. The main weapon is the Particle Accelerator for single target DPS with group SMGs. Rings are Stone of Balance to increase damage and Hunter's Band to increase weakpoint damage.

Any trait to further increase ranged damage and Quick Hands for reload speed with Mother's Blessing to give her some survivability. The weapon mod's Blink token is good for avoiding the enemy, and Flicker Cloak provides a useful shield, so choose according to your playstyle.

15/03Ex-Critical Cultists

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (13)
(Video) Remnant: From The Ashes | Best Archetype to Start! Scrapper, Hunter or Ex-Cultist?

This one takes the critical strike chance builds and applies them to the Ex-Cultist for great mid-range lethality. The Ruin, Ravager or Assault Rifle are the weapons of choice. Radiant Armor grants bonuses to crits. Gunslinger Amulet for the amulet or pocket watch if you suck at dodging.

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Rings give build versatility, Devouring Loop always for the high critical damage and use Stone of Balance to increase damage against bosses or go with Braided Thorns against groups for better critical chance after a kill.

15/02Melee at the end of the game

Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (14)

This one is ridiculously fun and actually achievable for the endgame. Akari armor is used to increase damage when successfully dodged. Beam Rifle with Hot Shot to initiate burns and soften the enemy. Melee weapons are World Breaker to clear groups and Riven to steal lives from bosses.

You must have the Razor Stone and Devouring Loop rings. Devouring Loop to increase critical hit and Razorstone to make enemies bleed. Also, use the pocket watch to maintain stamina. The idea is to apply fire with the rifle before he gets close and take him down with critical hits. If they survive the melee attack, the burn and bleeding will wear them down.


Remnant: From the Ashes: Top Builds, Ranked (15)

This is by far the strongest build in the game so far. The idea is to max out the sniper rifle, so give it a Hot Shot Augment. Your secondary and melee don't matter. Your rings are important, have Heartseeker give you a 100% chance to critically hit when shooting an unsuspecting enemy, and bring out Devourer Loop to increase your damage by 300% when critically hit. Traits are Executioner and Kingslayer to increase your critical chance and damage and Shadow Walker to avoid detection.

Essentially, you just sneak up on an enemy and kill them with one shot, bosses included. If discovered, its critical chance will be high enough to destroy alerted enemies in one or two hits.

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