STEM summer camps for kids in New York - Kindergarten through 7th grade - Start (2023)

Q: When does the camp start and end?

K + 1. Class Warehouse
A: The camp day starts at 9 am everyday. Children are recommended to arrive between 8:45 am and 8:55 am, but can be brought in from 8:30 am. K+1st Camps end at 1:15 pm with the option to add Math Mania! from 1:15until 3:30 pm For campers who need to extend their day beyond 3:30 pm, check out the late pickup option to stay until 5:00 pm.

2nd-4th and 5th-7th Class Camp
A: The camp day starts at 9 am everyday. Children are recommended to arrive between 8:45 am and 8:55 am, but can be brought in from 8:30 am. The camp ends at 3:30 pm. For campers who need to extend their day beyond 3:30 PM, check out the late pickup option to stay until 5:00 PM.

Q: Where is the camp held?

A: We offer camps in 2 locations:
UWS 65th Street – 3 W. 65th Street
UWS 81st Street – 173 W. 81st Street
Please note that not all age groups are offered at both locations. When checking out, be sure to verify your registration details.

Q: Do you offer advance pickup service?

A: Yes, early returns are possible at no additional cost. With this option, campers can arrive from 8:30 am.

Q: Do you offer late pickup?

A: Late pickup until 5pm is available at an additional cost. For campers who choose the late pickup, it's all fun and games! From challenging board and card games to engaging math puzzles, campers enjoy fun activities that keep the excitement going for the day! The program starts right after the end of the camp, at 3:30 pm, and goes until 5:00 pm. From 3:30 pm children can be picked up at any time. Late collection fee is $100 per week.

Q: What is Math Mania! Program for class K+1 campers?

A: Math madness! The program offers an age-appropriate subject curriculum embedded in engaging math projects and activities. Using themes like carnival games and safari adventures, campers explore topics ranging from money and measurement to data collection and probability - all with lots of fun! Math mania! is an optional offer for K+1 class campers only. Add this offer to your record at checkout.

Q: My son has a friend who is attending camp that week. Will they be in the same group?

A: In general, Launch considers all available information and makes decisions about groups of campers based on variables such as age, class and experience. If you have a specific request regarding child pairing, please email us atinfo@launchmath.comas soon as possible after registration and we will do our best to accommodate them (please note that submitting an application does not guarantee placement of a child).

Q: Do you offer bus tours?

A: Unfortunately, we currently do not offer transportation to/from the camp.

Q: Can my child attend the same camp twice?

A: We offer four different camp themes for each grade level that rotate through the summer. Children can participate in all four camps in any order, but it is not recommended to apply more than once for the same camp theme (projects will be repeated).

Q: Which storage group is best for my child?

A: Your child's placement will be determined by the grade they enter in the fall of 2023. EXAMPLE: If your child is currently in Grade 4 and will begin Grade 5 next fall, they must attend one of our Grade 5-7 camps. series. We understand that, in some cases, public and private school calendars may differ. If you're not sure which group you want your child to join, contact Launch ( to help determine correct placement prior to registration.

Q: How old must my child be to attend camp?

A: Children wishing to attend our summer camps must be 4 years old by 12/31/22 (ie turning 5 in 2023). If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Launch ( to help determine your child's eligibility prior to enrollment.

Q: What is the ratio of campers to staff?

A: Launch Camps have a 4:1 ratio of campers to staff, so all kids at all levels can get attention.

Q: What happens on a typical camping day?

K + 1. Class Warehouse
A: Launch Pack Camp Day full of activities and challenges, including STEM projects and STEM discoveries (see additional FAQs below for details). Campers must come with lunch, water bottle, snack and tennis. If the weather cooperates, K+1st campers can go out for lunch, so we recommend applying sunscreen beforehand. K+1st Camps end at 1:15 pm, but you can extend the fun with our Math Mania! Add-on (3:30 pm) and even later with the late pick-up option (5:00 pm). For more information, see the sample scheduleSommercamps 2023 Page on launch site.

2nd-4th and 5th-7th Class Camp
A: Launch Pack Camp Day full of activities and challenges, including STEM projects, STEM discoveries, and release studios (see additional FAQs below for details). Campers should come with lunch, water bottle, snack, sneakers and pre-applied sunscreen. Every 2-4 and 5-7 Campers spend about half a day outside Central Park participating in energy-saving STEM-related educational games and activities. For more information, see the sample schedule Sommercamps 2023 page no site.

Q: What happens during the MINT project time?

A: Each STEM project combines a science, technology, or engineering lesson with a creative hands-on project that reinforces principles learned in class. Projects can be kits that each camper puts together on their own and take home after camp, they can be programming projects that can be accessed later from any device connected to the internet, or they can be experiments that can be done individually or in groups.

Q: What happens to STEM discoveries?

A: STEM Discoveries engages campers in challenge-based learning through independent activities and/or group problem solving. Children explore a variety of STEM topics and related activities that require creativity and critical thinking. Projects range from physical constructions using common everyday materials to mental puzzles involving collaborative problem-solving methods.

Q: What happens during Launch Studios?

A: Lights! Camera! Action! The Launch Studios program puts campers in the director's chair, in the lead role and in the editing room. Camera in hand, kids document their camp activities, plan fun "how-to" videos, create and perform funny skits, and produce a camper-led news show. Launch instructors lead the way as they teach campers the technique and techniques needed to create cool short videos.

Q: Is there a snack time?

K + 1. Class Warehouse
A: Yes, halfway through the morning activities there is a break for snacks. There is also a snack break during Math Mania! additional program. Launch does not provide snacks or lunch. We recommend that children bring two snacks when participating in Math Mania! program and that groceries are packed in an isolated lunch box. Please note that we require parents to provide nut-free snacks and lunches.

2nd-4th and 5th-7th Class Camp
A: Campers have the option to take a snack break if needed. No snacks or lunches will be provided by Launch and we encourage parents to pack purchases in an insulated lunch box. Please note that we require parents to provide nut-free snacks and lunches.

Q: What should I consider when packing my child's lunch box?

A: We recommend shipping your child's lunch in an insulated lunch box with ice packs, if appropriate. However, we cannot reheat or reheat lunch. All campers must be sent to camp with a bottle of water in addition to drinks with lunch. Please note that we require parents to provide nut-free snacks and lunches.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: The launch offers flexibility if your child's willingness to join us hits a snag:

The flexibility to change
Is your child not going to camp during the week you bought it? The release gives campers the ability to change camp weeks up to two weeks before a session starts (subject to availability).

The flexibility of the transmission
Is your child not going to camp this summer? Launch allows you to transfer storage fees to a sibling, family member or friend.

If all else fails... cancel is an option
A non-refundable deposit of $100 per camp is required to register. Cancellation is possible up to two weeks before the start of a camping session (however, deposits are non-refundable). No refunds will be given for cancellations within two weeks of the start of a camp session. If a camper is unable to start or finish a week of camp due to medical issues, Launch will refund minus the deposit and cost of all days of attendance (a minimum of 1 prorated camp day will be charged regardless of whether the camper attends 1 day) . A medical certificate is required for all medical cancellations.

All requests to change/move/cancel campsites must be emailed to include your name, your child's name, the affected camps and the reason for the change.

Q: Do you offer early bird, sibling or other discounts?

A: Yes, we do! We offer significant savings, includingup to $100 per bearingwith our early bird and multiple camp discounts (multi camps offer sibling discounts and all other multi camp purchases). Please note our pricing and discount tables atSommercamps 2023 page no site.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?

A: We offer partial scholarships on an as-needed basis to offset the cost of the camp. Donations are limited and do not cover the full cost of the camp. The grant application is available (as of April 15th) by following the link in the awards section Sommercamps 2023 page on this website.

Q: How do I contact my child or a Launch teacher in an emergency?

A: In case of emergency only, campers can be reached at the appropriate phone number for each camp site. Location phone numbers will be provided in the welcome email distributed prior to camp each week. If you are unable to find a Launch representative in a specific location, please call the Launch Flagship Center on 81st Street at 212-600-1010 and we will contact the representative for you. For non-emergencies, call the main launch center number first.

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