Testing the Canon EOS M50 Mark II in the - Bestoflens (2023)


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Built-in WiFi (WLAN)
  • articulated screen
  • NFC connectivity
  • 4K bei 30fps
  • FHD video recording at 60 fps
  • built-in electronic viewfinder
  • Touch screen
  • face detection focus
  • 25.600 ISOmax.
  • 24.0 MP - High-resolution sensor
  • 143 Focus points
  • digital video stabilization
  • LCD resolution of 1,040,000 dots

In contrast

  • No sensor shift image stabilization
  • No environmental sealing
  • Low battery life: 305 shots
  • 1.60x crop in 4K videos

table of contents

1Canon EOS M50 Mark II im Test:



4Gorgeous body, height and weight:

5Easy handling:

6 Weather Sealed:

7 lenses:

8Outstanding Sensor and Processor:

9Improved Dual Pixel Autofocus:

Versatile 10LCD:


Integrated 12Swift Wi-Fi technology:

13 „image.canon-Dienst“:

14Built-in Bluetooth Capability:


16memory card:


(Video) Canon M50 Mark II Review | Watch Before You Buy

18 Videos:

19Type of photography:

19.1 Sports Photography:

19.2 Daily photography:

19.3 Street Photography:



Canon EOS M50 Mark II im Test:

When I first thought about buying this camera, I was afraid it wouldn't be as comfortable as I expected.

“Canon EOS M50 Mark II” which I bought with a specific purpose: to take and capture pictures of my pets.

I adore animals very much. Wildlife photography is currently the most popular photographic genre.

And thanks to this camera, I can record my pet's personality, traits, routines, and other special moments.

With this camera in hand I can take honest and natural portraits or photos. It's wonderful to have this camera.

I never thought that buying this Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera would result in many amazing photos and videos.

It's wonderful to have this camera.

I never thought that buying this Canon EOS M50 Mark II camera would result in many great photos and videos.

I've been so in love with them since I first used them that I have them with me almost all the time.

This camera has made my life so much more fun.

Besides wildlife photography, I use them in various other contexts and circumstances to explore their qualities, pros and cons more closely.

General description:

I bought this camera for wildlife photography, but using it in many different environments has taught me a lot.

I became more informed about its features the more I used it.

It's without a doubt a versatile camera, despite some downsides.

A 24 MP APS-C sensor is packed into this EOS M50 Mark II mirrorless camera, which is portable and simple.

It offers small improvements over its predecessor, but is cheaper and has better ergonomics and image quality.

Improvements include improved autofocus, vertical video recording and live streaming directly from the camera to YouTube if the Wi-Fi signal is strong enough.

I loved the improved eye detection, which now recognizes faces and eyes from a greater distance.

Now that Movie Servo AF is available I can use eye detection throughout my video and during Servo AF to use both eye and face detection.

I get more adaptability and stability to bring focus and attention to the issues.

I can shoot both vertically and horizontally when a different angle is required, and the camera even offers a clean HDMI output for high-resolution, high-frame-rate streaming.

The EOS M50 Mark II goes well beyond allowing me to scratch the surface of my vision when it comes to content, be it stills or video.

Testing the Canon EOS M50 Mark II in the - Bestoflens (1)Testing the Canon EOS M50 Mark II in the - Bestoflens (2)

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

  • Lightweight construction with matching lenses.
  • 24MP APS-C images
  • Wide focus coverage with 10 fps bursts
  • Hochklappbares Touch-LCD
  • Integrated EVF at eye level
  • Support external microphone
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and webcam support



Digic 8 image processor

Dual pixel autofocus and eye tracking

(Video) YOU SHOULD BUY the M50 MK II - 10 REASONS WHY!!!

Full articulation LCD touch screen

electronic viewfinder with 2.36 million pixels

Continuous autofocus at 7.4 frames per second

Rated for 305 shots per charge

Bluetooth and WiFi

Webcam functionality with Canon's EOS Webcam Utility

Live YouTube streaming over WiFi (if you have more than 1,000 subscribers at the time of writing)

Magnificent body, height and weight:

Although small, the EOS M50 Mark II has a sturdy, comfortable grip and is designed to resemble a mini DSLR.

The camera's controls are almost exactly like those of its predecessor.

I found the command dial, shutter button, record button and M-Fn on the top right of the camera body.

Accordingly, it is not difficult.

Along the right rear of the camera are the rest of the controls.

It's often easier to use the touchscreen to tweak my settings since they're relatively small and sticky.

This is especially true of the tiny video capture button that sits flush with the camera body.

When shopping, I know the size and weight of the camera.

Die Canon M50 II Mitte 116 x 88 x 59 mm (4,57 x 3,46 x 2,32") und 387 g (0,85 lb / 13,65 oz).

The Canon M50 II is incredibly light for its class, especially considering the average weight for mirrorless cameras is 456g.

I decided to purchase at first as I felt very light carrying the camera and confident that I could take it anywhere I wanted.

Despite its 59 mm thickness, typical of its class, it has excellent quality.

Easy to handle:

I can easily record videos using the camera's touchscreen.

I found it fairly easy to navigate the menu, which is laid out similarly to other Canon EOS cameras.

As light and small as the M50 Mark II seemed to me, the thick grip makes it very comfortable to shoot with.

Battery life lasts for a day or more of photo-focused activities, and it's CIPA certified to take 305 photos on a single charge if I'm just taking pictures.

But since the battery runs out quickly, I have to carry a spare if I intend to record a lot of videos.


I never stop photographing my pets because I adore them, especially when they perform adorable acts.

However, I was disappointed that the Canon M50 II's body didn't have eco-labels, so I had to take extra precautions to protect it from moisture and dust.

I was quite frustrated that I couldn't shoot my peacock as it danced in the rain.

I think it must have a waterproof body to attack my pet in the mud, in a storm or anywhere else.

I never want to stop hitting my pet.


After learning that this camera lacks optical image stabilization and weather protection features, I looked for lenses that could make both tasks easier for me.

Browsing the web I found out that the Canon M50 II has an EF-M lens mount and that there are now 29 native lenses compatible with this format.

Canon has come under fire for being late in entering the mirrorless market and not offering enough native lenses for the EF-M mount.

Canon M users can use an EF-M adapter to use the full range of Canon EF and EF-S lenses with AF and image stabilization to alleviate this problem.

I found that six lenses come with optical image stabilization because the Canon M50 II doesn't have sensor-based image stabilization technology.

Then I went and bought one of these glasses.

I also researched weatherproof lenses for the Canon M50 II and found two lenses to buy for my camera.

As a result I got these special lenses for my camera which turned out to be perfect for my Canon M50II.

  • Canon EF-M 18–150 mm F3,5–6,3 IS STM
  • Canon EF-M 55-200 mm f4,5-6,3 IS STM
  • Samyang Reflex 300 mm f6,3 ED UMC CS
  • Canon EF-M 15-45 mm F3.5-6.3 IS STM
  • Canon EF-M 11–22 mm f4–5,6 IS STM
  • Canon EF-M 22 mm f2 STM
  • Canon EF-M 32 mm F1.4 STM
  • Canon EF-M 28 mm F3,5 Makro IS STM

Outstanding sensor and processor:

Thanks to the powerful 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor (APS-C), I can shoot high-resolution photos and 4K movies with my EOS M50 Mark II.

This large CMOS sensor uses an advanced light-gathering design that allows me to capture images and videos with less noise and get crisp, detailed results even in low light.

Also, I can shoot and focus quickly in burst mode for high-speed performance that allows me to capture once-in-a-lifetime moments.

The DIGIC 8 image processor, a feature of the EOS M50 Mark II, helps improve focusing performance, ensuring my photos and videos look clear and detailed with little noise or grain in almost any lighting.

In conjunction with Auto Lighting Optimizer, it also helps in image analysis.

Minimizes stick outs by preserving color and detail in bright areas of a photo.

If I set it to high, it can even help me smooth out color transitions, giving me amazingly realistic pictures of my pets or anything else I want.

Updated Dual Pixel Autofocus:

The auto focus feature is one of the main improvements of my EOS M50 Mark II.

Although the Mark II's basic AF system is the same as the previous model, it has face and eye tracking for stills and video.

Eye tracking worked well when using the M50 Mark II, even when shooting fast-moving subjects in low light.

The new eye recognition technology of this camera only recognizes people.

It's not as accurate as other competing systems, but I feel like I can override it with the touchscreen if I need to.

(Video) Canon m50 ii | Still my Favorite Beginner Camera

I found the tap-and-drag autofocus feature to be absolutely accurate, making it easy to make adjustments while looking through the viewfinder.

I also appreciate the ability to mark certain LCD areas as active to avoid accidentally changing focus with the tip of your nose.

My amazement at the dual pixel autofocus is absolute.

I'm glad the focus range of my EOS M50 Mark II is wide, measuring about 88% horizontally and 100% vertically.

I appreciate the fact that the enhanced Eye Detection AF on my EOS M50 Mark II allows me to quickly and effortlessly capture my subject, even when it's far away.

When my subject's entire body is in the frame, I use Eye Detection AF to lock on the eyes from a longer distance.

Versatile LCD:

The 3.0-inch 1.04-megapixel Clear View LCD II vari-angle touchscreen on my EOS M50 Mark II camera is beautiful.

It's already light, but on sunny days I can turn up the lighting even more to reduce glare.

Its flexibility and adjustable brightness make it easy for me to organize and shoot from almost any angle.

It makes selfies with my pet easy and the LCD screen flips up when I'm not using it.

The 3-inch LCD screen articulates and swivels sideways to face any direction, making it great for taking selfies or viewing from other unorthodox angles.

It's already light, but on sunny days I can turn up the lighting even more to reduce glare.

Quickly changing settings, viewing still images and movies, and even selecting an AF point are all available on touchscreen devices.


The camera also features an eye-level viewfinder, a must-have for many photographers.

The M50's 2.4 million-dot viewfinder is slightly larger at 0.62x and is on par with others in its class.

It's more visually significant than the 0.51x optical viewfinder that Canon offers on its Rebel SLRs.

The built-in electronic viewfinder makes it easy to take pictures in bright sunlight and other circumstances where the LCD monitor may be difficult to see.

This scope offers 100% coverage and a resolution of 2360,000 points. 100% coverage ensures that what I see when I take the photo is exactly what I will see later in my image, helping to accurately frame my photos and eliminating the need for post-editing cropping to reduce.

Swift built-in Wi-Fi technology:

When I checked the WiFi connectivity, I was over the moon.

The EOS M50 Mark II camera connects to the Wi-Fi® network quickly and easily.

It allowed me to instantly transfer my files to a compatible smart device via the Camera Connect app and share data with other Wi-Fi® compatible Canon cameras.

I can share content directly as an "image" and upload it to websites. Canon”, Facebook® and YouTube®, and print directly to compatible Canon wireless printers thanks to Wi-Fi® functionality.

It made it easy for me to switch between websites quickly.


The picture. Canon Service piqued my interest because it promised to simplify my imaging routine.

My EOS M50 Mark II camera is linked to the image.

Canon's service allows me to easily upload all photos and videos in their original quality and format, access them via the dedicated app or web browser and automatically send them to computer, mobile device and external services.

Built-in Bluetooth Capability:

I remember once my friend saw the photos of my pet on my camera and was so impressed that he asked me to share these photos with him.

With the help of the camera's handy Bluetooth connectivity features, this job became a breeze for me.

The free Canon Camera Link appBluetooth®* pairing allows me to connect my camera to my friend's compatible smart device.

I also gave him access to the pictures.

I click the network icon on the LCD panel to set the Bluetooth® function.

In addition, Bluetooth® allows me to pair with the optional BR-E1 wireless remote control for remote shooting and use the GP-E2 GPS receiver to access location data from my friends, another user, or another compatible smartphone.


I wasn't satisfied with the battery life of my camera as I have to carry extra batteries for my camera every time I travel as this Canon M50 II is powered by a LP-E12 battery which gives me a battery life of 305 Recordings enabled using CIPA standards. .

Given that the average battery life for mirrorless cameras is 377 shots, I found the Canon M50 II to have short battery life for its class.

So I decided to buy some extra batteries.

This allows me to shoot just about anything I want without worrying about the battery going dead.

memory card:

This camera has a UHS-I SDXC memory card connector that allows you to use a small flash memory card with a larger storage capacity than standard SD (Secure Digital) memory cards.

And it will allow me to save many photos.

It enables portable storage for devices such as cell phones, e-books, digital cameras, camcorders, audio players, and laptops.

The blink:

The Canon EOS M50 has three flash settings: auto, manual flash on/off and red-eye reduction.

Since there isn't enough natural or ambient light, I occasionally use flash photography when it's dark, at night, or indoors.

However, there are times when I use his flash to remove shadows from a photo.


I become perfectly beautiful with this camera in hand.

With the Canon M50 II I can record your videos in a maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 at 24p fps with data rates up to 120 Mbit/s and save them in MPEG-4 and H.264 formats.

The 4K resolution of the Canon M50 II is the industry standard in consumer video.

A key factor to keep in mind when shooting full quality 4K (UHD) video with the Canon M50 II is the 1.60x crop factor (in addition to the 1.6x APS-C crop ratio) that can complicate creation. Wide Angle Clips.

The M50 Mark II includes a stereo microphone and mono speaker. The Canon M50 II also has an external microphone jack that allows me to record high quality sound with an external microphone.

Unfortunately, there is no headphone jack.

I love the Canon M50 II's digital video stabilization feature, which allows me to create video as I shoot. With this effect I can easily crop my videos.

(Video) Canon M50 Mark II VS M50 (The Good, The Bad, The Ugly)


I have enjoyed using this camera, taking it everywhere and using it for other genres of photography to gauge their expertise in many types of photography.

I was absolutely blown away by this camera.

I found this out after reviewing some types of photographs I took with this camera.

sports photography:

As a child, I was interested in sports like any other boy.

And I'm always ready with my camera when a game is on in a stadium.

A brief moment and the wildness of a sporting competition must be brilliantly captured.

It takes the talent, ingenuity and technological advances of photographers to properly capture and tell the story of those fleeting moments.

This type of photography has also sparked our current passion.

The Canon M50 II has a sports photography score of 68, making it a GOOD choice for this style of photography.

Daily photography:

I am so in love with this camera that I take it with me almost everywhere.

It's lightweight, so I don't mind wearing it all the time.

It allows me to pursue my hobby of daily photography.

Although most photographers specialize in one or two photographic genres, experimenting with other photographic approaches can lead to surprising discoveries.

I would call it “daytime photography”.

“You can create different photographic styles with the same technical and aesthetic talents.

Being successful in an activity can teach you fundamental skills and abilities that can help you improve your photography. Daily non-posing photography is ideal for this purpose.

You can take a variety of photos with just a decent camera.

The Canon M50 II has an Everyday Photography Score of 65, making it a GOOD choice for this genre of photography.

street photography:

Like I said before, I enjoy being with this camera and I'm in love with it. I make sure he's with me every time I leave the house.

Since I took it everywhere, it sparked my interest in street photography.

The Canon M50 II scores 68 points for street photography, making it a GOOD choice for this genre of photography.

Street photography is a type of photography that depicts everyday life in public spaces.

Because of the openness of the situation, the photographer is usually able to take unadulterated shots of strangers.

The practice of street photography promotes environmental awareness.

It encourages you to be aware of your surroundings.

Shooting can help you build your character, among other things.

Why should you buy a Canon M50II?

  • It has an electronic shutter option for absolutely silent shooting, making it less intrusive.
  • Longer battery life: Take more shots (305 vs. 235) on a single charge.
  • Less Expensive: Launched in a lower-priced range (23 percent cheaper at launch).
  • More Modern: Reflects two years and seven months of technological progress since the M50's debut.
  • Face tracking and eye detection are accurate for both stills and videos.
  • Beautiful off-camera JPEG files and high-quality raw files. Compact and easy to use
  • An electronic viewfinder is ideal for daytime photography.
  • External microphones are supported.
  • Awesome touchscreen interfaces
  • Excellent fully automatic mode


In my opinion, this camera is definitely a worthwhile purchase.

ThatCanon M50 Mark IIIt was released in the US for $599.

Initially, the selling price is usually close to the introductory price, but after a few months there are discounts.

Later in the product cycle and especially when the successor model is released, additional discounts and sales often drive the price of the camera down significantly.

After the release of the new model, there are often great offers.

The company released this Canon EOS M50 Mark II in late November 2020 for $599.99 (body only), $699.99 (camera body plus EF-M 15-45mm kit lens) and $929.99 (camera body plus EF- M 15 -45mm and EF-M55). 200mm dual zoom lens set.


This versatile device is worth getting if you're on your way to getting a camera for wildlife photography.

Despite being a small camera, it is quite comfortable to use.

It would be a great choice for newbies looking for their first camera or professionals looking for something lightweight to take pictures of when spending time with their pets, family and friends.

I particularly liked that the touchscreen capabilities remained active even when gazing at the bright electronic viewfinder.

Testing the Canon EOS M50 Mark II in the - Bestoflens (3)Testing the Canon EOS M50 Mark II in the - Bestoflens (4)

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

  • Lightweight construction with matching lenses.
  • 24MP APS-C images
  • Wide focus coverage with 10 fps bursts
  • Hochklappbares Touch-LCD
  • Integrated EVF at eye level
  • Support external microphone
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and webcam support

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