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looking for something roughvalkyrie tattoos? You're in luck because we've rounded up some of the best.Viking Valkyries tattoo designsonly for you.

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (1)

If you're a fan of Norse Mythology, you might know who the Valkyries are.

The Valkyries were a race of warrior women in Norse mythology. And therefore, they are also one of the most popular options for people who want warrior tattoos.

There are many connotations to a Valkyrie tattoo. The Valkyries were the battlefield gods who used to decide who lived and who died in a war. They used to fly over the battlefield and decide who to attack. They helped many heroes in wars and were considered warriors for the right side. Interestingly, all Valkyries were female, and therefore, many strong-minded women love to get Valkyrie tattoos on their skin. The mythology of the Valkyries is very inspiring and motivates people. You can get a Valkyrie tattoo to show off your warrior mindset. You could also get one to express how much you value integrity and honor in your life. The idea behind a Valkyrie tattoo can be quite simple. Some people can remember their ancestors and their culture. They are not only a source of beauty but also of honor and people take inspiration from tattoo symbols. If you too have always wanted a really cool Valkyrie tattoo inspired by Norse Mythology then you have come to the right place. We have a list of ten amazing Valkyrie tattoos here.

Fantastic Valkyrie tattoo with vivid colors

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (2)

Valkyrie tattoo designs are a very common feminist tattoo. They are one of the best warrior tattoos you can get and this is a great example of why they are so famous. This tattoo is done in a neo-traditional style, famous for its bright colors and bold outlines. You can clearly see how beautiful the tattoo looks on the person's skin. There are also many details that bring the tattoo to life. The Valkyrie tattoo has a spear and winged helmet which is one of the signs of a true Valkyrie. The tattoo colors are bright and complement each other beautifully. If you are a fan of the neo-traditional tattoo form, look for a tattoo artist who is a master of this style and you too can have a tattoo as cool and badass as this one.

Badass Valkyrie Tattoos for Warriors

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (3)

Looking for a really badass tattoo that shows off your strength and sense of justice? Well, this tattoo is the perfect choice for you. This Valkyrie tattoo is done in black and gray and looks absolutely stunning on one's arm. It shows the front face of a Valkyrie warrior with the winged helmet and facial symbols. There is also a wolf face at the bottom of the tattoo that ties the entire artwork together. The wolf is also a symbol of loyalty and guardianship. The meaning of this tattoo is righteousness and loyalty. This tattoo is a great choice for anyone who loves black ink tattoos.

realistic valkyrie head tattoo ideas

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (4)

Realistic tattoos can be hard to find, but once done, they look absolutely stunning. Just like the tattoo in the photo. The Valkyries were winged warriors and were called "Choosers of the Dead", meaning they carried fallen soldiers to two different locations. Half of them were taken to Folkvanger for the afterlife by the goddess Freyja, and the rest were taken by the Valkyries to Valhalla, the hall of the gods. The Norse believed that the Valkyrie would guide their souls to Folkvanger or Valhalla if they fought honorably. This tattoo clearly shows how fierce the Valkyries were. It has a very realistic feel that can be difficult for many tattoo artists to replicate. So make sure you find someone who is a professional at realistic tattoos.

Beautiful Valkyrie Viking tattoos on forearm

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (5)

For many people, the forearm is one of the most common places to get a tattoo. The body part is almost always visible, but it can also be hidden with a sleeve. Getting tattoos on the forearms also hurts less than most other parts of the body. That's why, if you've always wanted a forearm tattoo, you might want to consider this beautiful Valkyrie tattoo. True to the other usual Valkyrie tattoos, this one also has wings on her helmet. Images in the tattoo that include the sun and moon and other details make it a truly beautiful tattoo to look at. The tattoo was also very well done. All in all, this is one of the best Valkyrie Viking tattoo ideas for you. You can also add a Viking tattoo on the other arm to make them even better together.

Stunning Valkyrie Tattoo Sleeve Ideas For You

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (6)

Every tattoo lover has at some point wanted to get a full sleeve tattoo on their arm. Some have already achieved it and others are still deciding what to achieve. Well, if you are a fan of Norse Mythology, then we might have a tattoo sleeve idea for you. The sleeve tattoo in the picture is very vibrant and colorful. The main image of the tattoo is obviously the face of a Valkyrie, which is really well done and the details are amazing. The classic winged helmet on her head adds to the look. There are also other tattoo elements like the eye and the crow. You can also choose to add elements like the God Odin, who was closely related to the Valkyries. This is one of the best Valkyrie tattoo ideas for people who want tattoo sleeves and love Norse Mythology.

Detailed and Technical Valkyrie Tattoos You'll Love

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (7)

This tattoo is perfect for people who like highly detailed and technical tattoos on their bodies. But you'll have to search through many tattoo artists to find one that can perfectly capture that amount of detail. The artist has taken a very detailed approach to this tattoo and it is very evident by all the intricate details on the warrior Valkyrie's armor. This is an amazing tattoo design if you find someone who can do intricate designs, but having such a beautiful tattoo on your skin will be the best reward. This tattoo is perfect for both men and women. And while this tattoo is really big, you can also get a smaller tattoo with similar details if you like.

Amazing Valkyrie Tattoo with Norse Symbols

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (8)

As we've already explained, the Valkyries were a huge part of Norse Mythology and have an important role to play in it. Therefore, it will make sense for people to get a tattoo that not only focuses on the Valkyrie image, but also on some Norse symbols that are very important. You can find many tattoos related to this design as this is one of the most common Valkyrie tattoo designs out there. And this tattoo idea is perfect for people who like intricate Valkyrie tattoo designs with amazing Nordic symbols. Instead of the winged helmet, this tattoo features a wolf's head on top of the woman's head, but you can always get the winged helmet if you like. This tattoo is also perfect for both men and women.

Beautiful black and gray valkyrie tattoo design

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (9)

The Valkyries were a race of goddesses closely related to the Norse goddess Freyja and the god Odin. They were seen on the battlefield and took the souls of soldiers who used to die with honor in war to the afterlife. They were also connected with other gods. This black and gray tattoo is done in a neo-traditional style and is one of the best tattoo ideas for people who like the artistic style but also want a black ink tattoo instead of a colorful one. You can also add other Gods and Goddesses in the tattoo design and make it a complete picture with vivid scenes and details. It will make a great tattoo sleeve.

Neotraditional Valkyrie half sleeve tattoo design

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (10)

Norse mythology is full of incredible elements and one of them is the Valkyries. Valkyrie tattoo ideas are endless and you can get them in any style you like. This is a very interesting neo-traditional tattoo that carries all the elements of neo-traditionalism. It has bright colors, bold lines and incredible detail that covers the entire forearm. This tattoo is also a great feminist tattoo as Valkyries are one of the best symbols of female empowerment. You can also get a traditional American valkyrie tattoo and it will look amazing as well.

Scary and Rough Valkyrie Tattoo Ideas

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (11)

If you are someone who likes scary imagery in their tattoos and also loves Norse Mythology then the last tattoo on our list is for you. This tattoo is done in black ink and has some incredible detail. But the tattoo artist opted to give the valkyrie in the tattoo a spooky look with all the details on her face and it adds an extra level of creepiness that we love. The crow at the bottom adds to the images. The details of his armor are also amazing. You can ask your artist to draw an even scarier design if that's what you want.

Didn't find your perfect tattoo on our list? Don't worry, we've got a few others up our sleeve that might cheer you up.

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What is the meaning of a Viking Valkyrie tattoo?

The Viking Valkyrie tattoo is a popular design that represents power and protection. Valkyries are female figures in Norse mythology who are described as beautiful and powerful shieldmaids, who choose which warriors will live or die in battle. A Viking Valkyrie tattoo can be seen as a tribute to these warrior women and a reminder of personal strength and courage. It is also a symbol of protection and guidance, which means that no matter what battles you face in life, there will always be someone there to protect you. Additionally, the Valkyrie tattoo can be used as a memorial to honor loved ones and friends who were brave enough to go into battle. This tattoo holds great meaning for many people and often serves as a reminder of the powerful and courageous women who have been the backbone of many societies. Ultimately, the Viking Valkyrie tattoo is an iconic symbol that represents strength, courage, and protection.

How much does a viking valkyrie tattoo cost?

The price of a Viking Valkyrie tattoo can vary greatly depending on a number of factors, including the size and complexity of the design, the location on the body chosen for the tattoo, and any additional services requested by the client. Generally speaking, larger or more complex tattoos will cost more money than smaller designs. Additionally, customers should note that some body locations, such as hands or feet, often require additional steps, such as numbing the area prior to tattooing, and may incur a higher cost. Many tattoo artists also offer hourly rates for custom designs, which can be more expensive than standard pre-made designs. Ultimately, the price of a Viking Valkyrie tattoo will depend on the desired size and complexity of the design, as well as any additional services or fees. Therefore, it is important to speak with a tattoo artist before getting a tattoo to get an accurate estimate.

What Are the Different Styles of Viking Valkyrie Tattoos?

There are many variations of the Viking Valkyrie tattoo, each with its own style and symbolism. Some designs may feature a single Valkyrie figure with full armor and wings, while others may include multiple figures or items associated with Norse Mythology. Other common elements that can be incorporated into the design include swords, shields, dragons, horns, helmets and skulls. These symbols usually represent strength, courage and protection. Additionally, some designs may be more abstract or modern in style for a unique look. Ultimately, there is no specific style for the Viking Valkyrie tattoo and customers can choose the design that best fits their individual needs and preferences.

The 101 best Valkyrie Viking tattoo designs that will blow your mind! -outsons (12)

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