The 12 Best YouTube Content Types for Success in Growing a YouTube Channel (2023)

YouTube has become a content phenomenon. In 2005, when the first YouTube videome at the zoowas uploaded, no one would have guessed how important this video sharing medium would be. However, Google clearly saw the potential of YouTube and just 18 months after the YouTube co-founder shared his visit to the zoo with the world, Google announced that it would pay $1.65 billion for the service.

Since then, YouTube's power and influence has grown at breakneck speed. It can even claim to be the second largest search engine in the world - after Google itself. some of youThe statisticsare quite surprising:

  1. Total number of users of YouTube - 2,600,000,000
  2. Hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute - 500 hours
  3. Number of videos viewed daily on YouTube - 4,950,000,000
  4. Average mobile YouTube videos per day – 1,000,000,000

Google ordered aResearch in 2016to understand what the latest YouTube viewership trends have been. Some highlights of the research were:

  1. 6 out of 10 people prefer online video platforms over live TV
  2. In an average month, 8 out of 10 18-49 year olds watch YouTube
  3. On mobile alone, YouTube reaches more 18-49 year olds than any broadcast or cable network

In 2017, Google turned its attention to the people who watch YouTube on their TVs. Highlights of this study include:

  1. The time people spend watching YouTube on TV has doubled in a year
  2. 2 in 3 YouTube viewers say they watch YouTube on their TV screen
  3. As with television content, viewing YouTube on prime-time television screens also reaches peak times
  4. YouTube watch time on TVs peaks on weekends

After spending so much time watching YouTube on a variety of devices, what types of content are people watching? In fact, people watch a variety of things, which probably reflects the fact that YouTube viewers now span the full spectrum of ages and types of people.

Of course, for many people, YouTube has only one purpose - it's an easy way to watch music videos. And video clips can't be ignored - there are so many of them! AccordinglyWikipedia list of most viewed videos on YouTube, Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" starring Charlie Puth has had a staggering 2.916 billion views and recently overtook former YouTube king "Gangnam Style" as the market leader. of the 80 videos on this top list.

But YouTube is much more than just music videos. From an influencer marketing perspective, official music videos offer few opportunities for influencer promotion. However, there are many other types of videos that offer advertisers better opportunities.

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12 Best YouTube Content Types to Successfully Build a YouTube Channel:

  • 1. Funny animals
  • 2. Video Game Walkthrough
  • 3. Practical guides and tutorials
  • 4. Product Reviews
  • 5. Celebrity Gossip Videos
  • 6. Vlogs
  • 7. Comedy-/Sketch-Videos
  • 8. Shopping / shopping
  • 9. Unzip videos
  • 10. Lehrvideos
  • 11. Parodies
  • 12. Pranks

1. Funny animals

It's impossible to see funny animals on the internet - Facebook feeds in particular sometimes seem to be full of critters. People love to see cute animals, especially when they are doing something out of the ordinary - videos of sleeping cats are not in style this year!

YouTube also has its fair share of funny animal channels, some show videos of real animals in the spotlight, others - like Simon's Cat - are animated.

Of course, there are also several reputable animal channels, including videos from National Geographic starring the famous David Attenborough.

2. Video Game Walkthrough

We may have intentionally excluded the ubiquitous music video from this roundup, but we couldn't exclude this category of videos, despite the fact that influencer #1, PewDiePie, is calling the shots.

Young men (the most common type of gamer) were the first type of people to embrace YouTube, so it should come as no surprise that there are thousands of video game-related channels out there. Minecraft alone is popular enough to have oneWebsite listing 1000+ top Minecraft YouTube channels.

A common type of gameplay video is a walkthrough where someone plays a game and comments as they go through the game. One of the reasons for Minecraft's popularity (despite its outdated graphics) is that the game can be easily modified, and filmmakers take advantage of this feature in their videos, often playing as modified characters.

There can be a lot of engagement between gaming video creators and their supporters, and there can even be live gameplay sessions.

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3.Create guides and tutorials

There are three types of learning styles: visual (through seeing), auditory (through listening), and kinesthetic (through action). Everyone learns using a combination of these styles, but most people find one method easier than the other. Good teachers try to use a mixture of the three methods in their lessons.

While it's always difficult to teach kinesthetics in video, it's the perfect medium for anyone who enjoys both visual and auditory learning experiences. A well-structured video that encourages you to collaborate with the presentation can be helpful even for those who are more kinaesthetic.

There are so many how-to videos on YouTube that you will likely find something to help you do almost anything you can think of.

These videos have the benefit of being almost timeless – the only reason a video would be outdated is because the activity itself changes or is outdated.

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4. Product Reviews

Nowadays there is a clear trend that people turn to the internet when considering a purchase. They want to know what other people think about products that interest them.

YouTube is no different from other social media channels in this respect. People are flocking to the channels of those they trust to see what they think of various products they've reviewed.

Research consistently shows that consumers are more likely to make a purchase when they see a positive review online.

Of course it depends on the product, but YouTube is the perfect medium for many products. People find it much easier to refer to a review when they can physically see the product being used, whether it's applying makeup, testing a car, or using the latest kitchen gadget.

5. Celebrity Gossip Videos

People aren't exactly new to celebrity gossip -- tabloids have thrived at it for years, and in fact there are entire cable TV channels dedicated to the subject.

So it's no surprise that people are turning to YouTube to keep up with their celebrity gossip. Of course, many of these videos still look like they came straight out of the tabloids, and you certainly can't believe everything you see and hear in these videos.

Arguably the best-known celebrity gossip channel on YouTube is an offshoot of celebrity news site TMZ.

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6. Vlogs

A blog, actually short for weblog but most people have forgotten that these days, began as a web-based record of what a person did each day - a kind of internet-based diary. Of course, blogging has diversified since then, but you'll still find bright and cheerful people writing about their daily breakfast and what they accomplished the day before.

Vlogs are video blogs and the idea is to some extent the same as the original blog. They are practically a video equivalent of your old diary.

Of course, they're a bit more public on YouTube than a diary tucked under the bed, so the content is often more engaging.

Like a diary, vlogs use improvised dialogue and often seem like an authentic look into the video artist's mind. They usually focus on a specific topic.

Vlogs are often the YouTube equivalent of reality TV. They have a chance to see the life (or at least as much as they are willing to share) of the vlogger. Just as reality TV can generate staggering viewership, some vlogging channels have a sizable following.

7. Comedy-/Sketch-Videos

Many people make comedy videos and skits to entertain their audience. Of course, the sense of humor is very personal, but there are so many comedy videos online that you're sure to find someone who fits your style.

These comedy videos are among the most shared and often find their way onto Facebook and other social media. This is one of the most likely ways of going viral.

Some of YouTube's comedy channels reach larger audiences than many of the network's comedy television shows.

The 12 Best YouTube Content Types for Success in Growing a YouTube Channel (7)

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8. Shopping / shopping

Many women, in particular, like to see people go shopping for things that they can only imagine buying. You may not be able to shop for fancy shoes and buy a dozen pairs of designer shoes, but you may enjoy watching someone else do it.

Shopping videos, more commonly known as transportation videos, focus on people buying specific products. The most common of these types of videos tend to be seen on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle channels.

These videos present a clear opportunity for brands looking to engage in influencer marketing, as long as the products purchased are of the types of products that the channel's viewers love and want.

9.Unpack videos

Unboxing videos are a 21st century phenomenon: a surprising number of people enjoy watching someone unbox a new product!

These are shopping/shipping video extensions and product review videos - in reality, they fall somewhere between the process of buying a product and actually using and evaluating the product.

In a way, loving these videos can be compared to a child's love for Christmas morning - half the fun is opening the presents and seeing what's inside. The same happens with unboxing videos as the viewer has the option to enter in anticipation of seeing the contents of the package for the first time.

Like shipping videos and reviews, unboxing videos can have a huge impact on consumer purchasing decisions and be very profitable for brands. This is another area with great potential for influencer marketing.

10. Lehrvideos

We've separated instructional videos here, although instructional ones are of course educational too. The two categories are big enough to stand out.

There are some big channels like TED and National Geographic that belong to big official organizations and share material from those organizations. In fact, there are many other companies large and small that post instructional videos on their websites.

A second type of educational video channels focuses on providing educational videos for young children and students.

They try to provide thought-provoking and interesting videos for their young audience.

This is another category that could be considered evergreen as many of these videos are gaining new audiences year after year and are often viewed repeatedly. They "die" only when their educational value is obsolete.

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11. Parodies

Despite being a specialized type of comedy video, parodies are popular enough to be considered a separate type of YouTube video.

There are quite a few parody video channels - some more successful and talented than others. Some of the best do parodies on music videos, often doing a pretty professional job at it.

In a way, this is the most difficult type of video to create—there can be a very fine line between a well-written, well-executed parody and one that doesn't resonate with audiences.

12. Pranks

A decade ago, Johnny Knoxville made his name with Jackass - which in many ways was the forerunner of all YouTube prank videos. They are certainly among the most shared videos not only on YouTube but also on Facebook and other social media platforms.

These videos contain jokes about friends, family, and unknowing members of the public. While these videos aren't always the most convenient type of video for participants, they're definitely a way of turning people into social media stars.

There are a number of videos where people play pranks on each other just so that person can get revenge in the next video. There are even series of prank videos about husbands and wives.

Some of these pranks can be quite controversial, so any brand wishing to plug into a prank channel should ensure that their company's values ​​and those of the pranksters are a good match.

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