The 5 best UV tattoo ink reviews in 2022 - painful joy (2023)

Have you ever wondered about the brightness in the dark tattoos?I've seen her in clubs before, but I never thought much until a friend of mine told me that she would shine in the tattoo of the dark rose.About these creations.

While my girlfriend received her new ink, I asked the artist recommendations for the best UV tattoo ink and every advice he would like to share about these ink designs.My friend made a beautiful invisible ink -pink tattoo and received information to my readers.

5 best UV ink for tattoos

#1.Mother's nuclear UV tattoo in the invisible fallout

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This astonishing color can be used to create a practically invisible tattoo with the naked eye.You can go to work, go out for the church or in public, and most people will have no idea that you have a tattoo.If you step on a black light, the tattoo is brought to life and everyone will be aware of your presence.

Ink is permanent color, but many people say that UV colors don't take as much as conventional colors.This statement can partially be traced back to care or loses its ability to shine much earlier.

This is an affordable color that receives in half a Jaguar bottleVaiser is this chutukartechnical.


  • Affordable product
  • Brilliant under black lights
  • Hypoallergenic and barren
  • Never tested on animals.


  • This color is so thin that it may not work for Rotary or Ringto -Tattoo machines.

#1.Bloody to 1 Farb Tattoo Uv Tink Destecue

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The fabulous colors of the bright ink ink in this set tattoo or create highlights or create highlights of colors that give a spectacular work of art when you are seen in a black light.

This color is made in the USA.It is created with high -quality ingredients and does not contain a phosphorus.It is therefore not carcinogenic than conventional tattoo colors.The descent is one of the main manufacturers of tattoo colors and supplies, and many artists use this line exclusively.

You will receive FalloutBranco, Mark yellow, green highlight, mark orange, lift pink and more distinctive andRotes HighlightIn half a Jaguar container, it appears intensely in a black light and most people who use it are satisfied with their results.


  • Made in the United States
  • No phosphorus
  • Bright colors that are alive under black lights
  • Easy to use in most tattoo processes


  • The ink is clearly visible among black lights, but less visible under normal lighting.

#3.Millennium Mother of Nuclear Mother Tattoo

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This paint your skin until you are in a black light and then shine a light blue.

There are five bright colors in this set.You get a purple fog, red dawn, blue and atomic green smoke and white.The colors are very bright and adopted on neon colors.Ink is consistent and the color stays in the bottle and in the bottle and in every following bottle that you buy.

This color is a bit thin, but it is thicker than most light colors.It can be used for every tattoo process, but it can be more difficult to accept the skin these colors so that an experienced tattoo artist should be consulted.


  • Thick enough to be applied with tattoo weapons
  • Colors that really appear
  • Can be used in people with sensitive skin
  • Consistent ingredients with consistent colors


  • This ink resists the skin of many people, so it is not recommended for the beginning of tattoo artists.

#4.Bloodline Tattoo Tink - Blacklight invisible

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Until recently, this tattoo ink was known as the skin color.It is a front -dispersal ink so that you don't want to adjust it.It may seem a little too thin, but the light UV ink are thinner than conventional colors.

This is a bottle of a jaguar of black ink.Invisible or poorly noticeable in normal lighting situations.

It is made with high -quality ingredients that are formulated in such a way that they are exposed to UV light.Request the same type of care when the tattoo is new and fully hardened after the tattoo.This type of color is sunlight and sunlight and must be covered if you go to the beach during the day.


  • Popular with most tattoo artists
  • Ideal for wood and jerk creations
  • Accessible and easy to maintain
  • Never tested on animals


  • You should cover the tattoo created with this color if it is outdoors or is exposed to UV light.

#5. Incortal of the immortal tattoo "Neon Invisible"

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The invisible neon painting is a fantastic way to create a design that looks personalized.Ink is almost not detectable under normal lighting.However, if you get into a black light situation, it seems light and creates a fascinating design that is not quickly forgotten.

This type of color makes a fabulous prominent color.You can turn a normal tattoo into a gloss show in the dark and describe the original work with this substance.You can also get a tattoo regardless of color and it is only recognized by the conditions under conditions black light.

This color is produced as safe and reliable.It has a consistent structure that is true to the color of the top to the bottom of the container.You will receive your selection of 9 neon colors, which will certainly please.


  • Friendly vegan and contain no animal of products
  • Easily accept from the skin
  • Fabulous for wood and draw creations
  • Different colors to choose from


  • Recommended to highlight tattoos created with other inks.

What is UV tattoo ink?

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What exactly is UV tattoo ink?Many people have never heard of this color, and it is better that everyone understands exactly what color is before they decide that they can be put under the skin.

What does she do differently

The real difference between a UV tattoo intake design and a traditional tattoo is the color used in the bright work .UV -Tattoo ink acts as the color of these stamps.

Another big difference between UV tattoo ink and conventional tattoo ink is the lack of an FDA oursTattoo ink to darken the skinContributions.

Are you really invisible?

Most tattoos created with this color are less noticeable than conventional creations, but it is not really invisible.Some of the tattoos produced with this ink are similar to a scar if they are seen in normal light.Colorful colors are completely visible during the day, but they usually seem to be faded, but usually fade.


The durability of these tattoos requires additional efforts to protect them and take care of them.Colors lose their ability to shine when they spend a lot of time with sunlight.You have to be covered and be careful when you take.

Advantages and disadvantages of the UV tattoo ink

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If you try to choose a UV tattoo, think better about the advantages and disadvantages that accompany this ink.They allow you to make the best decision for your security.

Advantages of the UV tattoo ink

  • It looks very cool when it is exposed to UV light
  • You can get a tattoo that is difficult if you go to clubs and compliments, but if you go to work or church, the tattoo would not be obvious.
  • Can be used to sketch an existing or used tattoo to create a custom design

Cat -catastal

  • Can she have an allergic reaction
  • Colorful colors seem to be faded when they are seen under normal lighting conditions.This also occurs when the color is new to leaf.
  • The colors are thinner than normal tattoos
  • Invisible Fallout color can look like a scar if it is not under a brightness of black light.
  • The FDA has not approved these colors as safe.
  • Some colors can contain phosphorus, and this is a cancer -related active ingredient that you do not want to insert into your body

People also asked UV Tattoo ink

Is UV tattoo ink dangerous?

That is aComplicated questionThe ingredients that most companies use to create this color are not toxic, the FDA has approved studies not approved to prove that the color is safe.finally give for this question.

How long does UV inkent tattoos take?

You can expect a UV tattoo its ability to grow between 6 months and 5 years of light is the amount of later care they give it.

Can UV tattoos cause cancer?

While the UV tattoo ink that you wear does not contain phosphorus, you don't have to worry about the color is carcinogenic.The agent is generally encouraged in total darkness and does not light up in UV light.


UV -Tattoo ink can be used to highlight an existing tattoo that deals with the outline with UV ink.You can use the invisible Fallout inks or use one of the amazing colors.

If you want to attract a light tattoo that is only visible under a black light, we recommend that you try the mother's nuclear UV tattoo -tattoo for invisible consequences.It is invisible to the mere eye and if you expose it to black, it is invisible light, it will have a light blue design that seems impressive.

If you prefer to get a colorful tattoo that shines completely, we recommend the highlight of the tattoo -tattoo -tattoo -tattoo -tattoo -tattoo.The color colors are constantly visible and when they expose them to black lights, they shine in their color forms.Is white.invisible.

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