UV tattoo tattoo: a complete guide (2023)

UV tattoo inks are also known as Black Light tattoos.As the name shows, they are clearly visible when they heal completely.They shine in the dark and make their appearance more clearly.

Based on the designs or your tattoo artist you choose, a UV tattoo can be completely invisible or partially visible until you show it under the recommended light.

Most people are concerned when UV tattoos are safe on the skin.To answer, most tattoo artists have confirmed that they are safe like everyone elsetattoo.

However, there are certain factors that you have to take into account and we will discuss them in the last part of the article.A UV tattoo requires the same effort and gives the same pain that every tattoo common together would do.

How long does UV tattoos take to heal?

UV tattoos do not show fluorescent results as expected if they are newly aware.The bleeding and the lesion that caused the skin can take some time to heal before you see the desired results.

If you receive a UV tattoo, it will look like a tattoo together for at least a few weeks until it is completely healed.

Some designs can take up to a year to heal.At the beginning the design disappears to calm down on the skin, and then a normal light can be seen when you look patiently.From shops you get these types of tattoos because the colors are easily available everywhere.

How many colors does UV tattoo color drive?

A UV tattoo is mainly visible under Blacklight.Colorful inks are available in selected or online shops.Colorful inks can appear any other regular tattoo color.UV ink shine in UV light.UV can vary from white to purple.

UV tattoos are only encouraged by experienced tattoo artists.You must have good knowledge of projects, tools, techniques and painting from UV.For these reasons, only a few tattoo artists are agreed to make a UV design for them until they are extremely confident.

The six main -UV colors are:

  1. Invisible highlight
  2. Yellow mark
  3. Rotes Highlight
  4. Orange Highlight
  5. Pink Highlight
  6. Green stands out

UV colors are usually more expensive than the common tattoo ink.The costs can vary depending on the hours of tattoo artist to complete your design you selected.

On average, UV tattoo artists calculate about 100 US dollars for normal color tattoos.However, Black Light ink can also be between 50 and 100 US dollars.Invisible tattoo inks are not visible under full daylight.

How long does UV tattoo take?

It is stated that UV tattoo ink disappears in 5 years.However, there are some other factors that also decide on the life of your UV tattoo.

This is the experience of the tattoo artist, the selected design and the quality of the UV ink.The blazing process is similar to any other normal tattoo ink.

Before you plan again, it would be advisable to follow the advice of a UV experience.It should be ready to accept the wound again.

The other reasons why their UV tattoos may disappear earlier if they uncover them too much under the sun.Protect the sun's UV tattoo, otherwise the UV rays of the sun can break the pigments, which makes it disappear briefly.

Can you see UV tattoos in normal light?

UV tattoos are mainly invisible in normal lights.Scars that the tattoo artist through theTattoo machineRemains.It is just the marked part that is clearly visible under any light.

The smaller design that you select from the UV is the easiest to recognize.Larger backgrounds are not advisable because they look like scars when someone perceives them at first glance.

The reason why they are called invisible tattoos is that they are not visible in normal light.Other names for invisible tattoos are UV or Blacklight tattoos.

These are deep types in the skin and the process is the same as for regular tattoos.It is only the color that touches a big difference in normal and UV tattoos.

In short, the tattoo cannot be seen during the day and may only appear a skin scar.These are mainly visible in light lights.

Some people also use UV inks on regular tattoos to highlight their design.These are combined to make regular tattoos look better under dark or light lights.

UV tattoo disappears?

Yes, similar to regular tattoos, UV tattoos also disappears.

Few frequent reasons for UV tattoos disappear faster:

  • Sol:Blue UV ink can disappear and turn into a brown or yellowish appearance because it is too exposed to the sun
  • Lack of precautionary measures:If you have not taken all the recommended precautionary measures, your tattoo can soon disappear
  • Poor diet:Painting nutrition can also lead to faded colors in tattoo cing projects.Eating habits or health problems can lead to vitamin deficiency that can show negative effects on the skin.As a result
  • Lack of skin care:Payment of negligence in skin care can also lead to faded tattoos.After a certain period of time you have to mix the tattoo completely on your skin
  • Friction:This is a common problem with athletes in whom you tend to be exposed to continued friction.Hello, which are susceptible to filling, sports accessories, tools and materials, can lead to the quality of the tattoo.
  • Weight gain:The weight gain can also be responsible for fading tattoos to a certain extent.The elasticity of your skin causes the paint molecules, which leads to painting and general design.

Shine in the dark UV tattoos?

UV tattoos and dark tattoos are the same.The only big difference is that UV ink compared to other tattoo colors are safer because they do not contain phosphorus.UV tattoos are in black light, highlights, LED lights, laser lights and laser lights and to see his fluorescent lights.

Another common thing between the brightness in dark and UV tattoos is that you take your own time to heal.And if you do it, you shine beautifully.

It would be advisable to talk to her tattoo expert about what exactly you expect from design and ink.A professional tattoo artist can lead it in the best way.

What is the best UV tattoo ink?

The selection of a ink of good quality for any kind of tattoo art is highly recommended.After all, you can't play with your skin.A wrong selection or a random brand in color quality can lead to skin diseases that can be irritated in the later stages.

If you want to avoid side effects and unjust results related to your tattoo and skin, we have a list of recommendations that help you choose the right UV link for your invisible tattoo.

Top 3 best UV tattoo colors

1. Blutlinie 6 Black Tattoo Light UV -Tinte

UV tattoo tattoo: a complete guide (1)

  • Deep colors - the stress colors are brave, bright and permanent.Every time our color looks wealthy and beautiful.
  • Fast recovery - line colors are created with a high dispersion product that applies effortlessly on the skin, makes the process quickly and comfortably and also helps the location of the application quickly.
  • Mix - all trunks can be mixed with other colors to create wonderful and precise colors that are required for the production of unique and impressive designs.Black for all purposes, white for all purposes and fast white are the colors of the most popular mixed ink.
  • UV -inte -Line -UV products are ideal for decorative body color, posters, make -up, color and watercolors.However, some people also use them to work.
  • Living colors - this is a unique set of 6 bright and essential colors to create real works of art.

Instead of selecting a UV ink, it is better to choose different colors because you never know which design will decide.With more variations in color it is displayed in the gloss.

Go to a brand that offers more numbers and colors in the same budget.UV -Blut -Tattoo -sites have something similar to our discussion.

  • UV Blut -Tattoo ink are in six different colors so that you can choose your best
  • The package is equipped in ½ cuffs
  • The product is manufactured in the USA
  • The brand enjoys great criticism and online customer classifications

2. Nuclear UV tattoo ink of the Millennium mother

UV tattoo tattoo: a complete guide (2)

  • Smooth: a mixture of homogenized carriers/pigment that flows slightly
  • Lively: The biggest pure pigment content as possible ensures that your work is noticeable
  • Consistently: get the color and quality that you expect every time
  • Rich and reliable and reliable tones that stay exactly the way they were on the first day, long after the application
  • Reliable: A favorite -for the time under tattoo professionals tested in the USA

The trust of a brand is important or doubt will never enable you to enjoy the end results.In addition, you cannot constantly point out the pain that you avoid the side effects of a random brand.

If you like the bright yellow UV color as we like, go to the yellow UV ink of the Millennium mother.The brand enjoys a good credibility on the tattoo market.

  • The UV yellow ink of the Millennium Mother is also a trustworthy brand
  • The ink is smooth and lively, which offers the highest pigment
  • Offers good quality and desirable results
  • Duration and reliable with rich tones in the final healing of the design
  • A trust in the USA

3. Hauttattoo Tattoo, Blacklight Magenta

UV tattoo tattoo: a complete guide (3)

  • Skin Candy Tattoo Tinte, Blacklight Magenta, 1oz

Rose is the color for those beautiful ladies who are happy to be on their skin.It presents love, attention and care.

Far the times when they only had to use pink to show their skin.You can get ink in a light UV pink color and be proud of it!We have something for you in our product recommendation:

  • It is light pink when people want to go lightly in the dark in the dark
  • The package is available in the 1 -unzen package
  • Most often known as Skin Jam Tattoo
  • Ideal for women who want to paint the guy on the wrist that shines in the dark

How do I choose the best UV tattoo ink?

  • We have some tips that you have to take into account when you choose a UT tattoo ink.We will consider it quickly without waiting.
  • When choosing UV or a normal tattoo ink, you always choose a reliable buyer
  • Make sure that the ink is safe through customer analysis
  • Decide for products without cruelty so that you are proud to use them without damage
  • Trusty manufacturers always choose secure products for safe, good quality and cruelty.
  • Boca to mouth works a great way to sometimes make the right decision.Refer to references from people with ink.You can suggest good brands for you in UV inks.


With the trend on the market, it would be surprising to see which design you are looking for in the art of UV tattoo.We want to see it with us.Other interesting articles relating to the art of the tattoo.Your UV shine now!

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