Vanilla Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities & Forecast (2023)

Vanilla market size and forecast

Vanilla market size was estimated at $2.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to be achieved$3.4 billion by 2030, grows to aCAGR of 5.39% from 2022 to 2030.

Vanilla is a well-known flavor in food and beverages. Vanilla is used as a flavoring in medicinal syrups in the production process. It is also used in perfumes as a fragrance. The global vanilla market is expected to grow due to the increasing demand for vanilla products among individuals, its pleasant taste is widely used in food and beverage. The Global Vanilla Market Report offers a holistic assessment of the market. The report provides a comprehensive analysis of key segments, trends, drivers, constraints, competitive landscape and factors that play essential roles in the market.

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Definition of the global vanilla market

Vanilla is a type of plant. The fava (fruit) is often used for flavoring, but also to make medicine. Because vanilla extract can be expensive, lab-made vanillin is often used as a vanilla substitute. To dilute vanilla extracts, less expensive extracts such as tonga bean extracts are often used. Some of these extracts contain coumarin, a substance banned by the FDA. There is no solid scientific evidence to support the use of vanilla for conditions such as gas, fever, tooth decay, increased sex drive (as an aphrodisiac), and reduced anxiety. Vanilla is a well-known flavor in food and beverages. Vanilla is used as a flavoring in medicinal syrups in the production process. It is also used in perfumes as a fragrance. Vanilla is one of the most used flavors in the food industry.

Vanilla extract is made by macerating and percolating vanilla beans in a solution of water and ethanol. Bourbon vanilla is the most common variety. Vanilla is known in gastronomy for its delicious taste. Vanilla has anti-aging benefits due to the presence of antioxidants. It also has several health benefits and the inclusion of several vitamins makes it very important for good skin, curing acne, relieving burns and treating stomach disorders, among others. Vanilla has a wide variety of uses, including flavoring in foods, scented candles, cleaning solutions and personal care products. They also have medicinal effects, such as B. aiding in the destruction of cancer cells, stimulating hormone production in humans, and curing depression.

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Overview of the Global Vanilla Market

The global vanilla market is expected to increase due to its wide use in the food and beverage industry, its antioxidant, pleasant taste and antibacterial properties, as well as its health benefits such as alleviating anxiety disorders. Growing demand for DIY Vanilla Market essences, including flavor and aroma, will drive market expansion during the projected period. The increasing use of vanillin extracts from the vanilla market to minimize sugar consumption is expected to grow the market in the projected timeframe. Vanilla Market has culinary flavors, candles, cleaning products and toiletries. These vanilla industry variables will drive the market for years to come.

Vanilla Market's medicinal and health benefits, such as treating depression and killing cancer cells, will also contribute to its rise. Vanilla Market is the most popular food and beverage ingredient and is expected to gain popularity. During the projected period, food and beverages will dominate the global vanilla market. The many health benefits of vanilla beans are expected to drive the growth of the market during the projected period. However, volatile vanilla prices and vanilla adulteration are the main impediments to market growth.

Global Vanilla Market Segmentation Analysis

The global vanilla market is segmented based on product type, provenance, application and geography.

Vanilla market by product type

• Organic
• Conventional

Based on product type, the market is segmented into organic and conventional. The conventional segment is expected to grow more during the forecast period due to cost benefits to end customers, restrictions on growing organic vanilla and lack of standardization.

Vanilla market by origin

• Naturally
• Synthetic

Based on Origin, the market is divided into Natural and Synthetic. Natural vanilla is expected to grow more during the forecast period due to health benefits such as healthy digestion and increased demand for natural products.

Vanilla Market, by Application

• Food and drinks
• Cosmetics
• Medication

Based on application, the market is segmented into Food & Beverage, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceuticals. Due to the increasing demand for vanilla in various recipes and the pleasant aroma of vanilla, the food and beverage segment is expected to grow more during the forecast period.

Vanilla market by geography

• North America
• Europa
• Asia Pacific
• Rest of the world

Based on regional analysis, the global vanilla market is segmented into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and rest of the world. The global vanilla market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to grow at the fastest pace compared to other regions during the projected period due to increasing demand for vanilla essence, increased use in dairy and food products, and numerous health benefits. health.

key figures

The Vanilla Global Market study report provides valuable information focused on the global market. The main players in the market areFrontier Co-op, MacTaggart's Brand, McCormick & Company, Nielsen-Massey Vanilla Markets, Touton, Amadeus, Agro Products and Agencies, Boston Vanilla Market Bean Company, Tharakan and Company, Vanilla Market Food Company, Symrise AG e Givaudan SA.

Our market analysis also includes a section exclusively dedicated to these major players, where our analysts provide financial statement insight for all major players, along with product benchmarking and SWOT analysis. The competitive landscape section also includes key development strategies, market shares and market ranking analysis of the above players across the world.

Important Developments

• In December 2020, McCormick & Company Inc. acquired FONA International LLC and several of its subsidiaries (FONA), a privately held company. FONA is a leading manufacturer of clean, natural flavors, providing solutions to a wide range of customers in the food, beverage and nutrition industries.

• In January 2020, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Inc. featured 2oz bottles of Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Paste at the Winter Fancy Food Show.

report scope

duration of study


what base


forecast period


Historical period



Value (billions of dollars)

Important companies not profile

Frontier Co-op, MacTaggart's Brand, McCormick & Company, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Touton, Amadeus, Agro Products and Agencies, Boston Vanilla Bean Company.

Covered Segments

By type, origin, application and geography

customization area

Free report customization (up to 4 analyst business days worth) with purchase. Adding or changing country, region, and segment scope

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Verified Market Research Research Methodology:

To learn more about research methodology and other aspects of the research study, please contact ourVerified Market Research sales team.

Reasons to buy this report

• Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market based on a segmentation that includes economic and non-economic factors
• Provide market cap data (USD billion) for each segment and sub-segment
• Indicates the region and segment expected to grow the fastest and dominate the market
• Analysis by geography, which highlights the consumption of the product/service in the region and indicates the factors that affect the market in each region
• Competitive landscape, which includes the market rankings of the main players along with new service/product launches, partnerships, business expansions and acquisitions of the companies profiled in the last five years
• Extensive company profiles consisting of company overview, company insights, product benchmarking and SWOT analysis for key market players
• The industry's current and future market outlook in relation to recent developments (which include growth opportunities and drivers, as well as challenges and constraints in emerging and developed regions
• Includes in-depth market analysis from multiple perspectives through Porter's Five Forces Analysis
• Provides market insight across the entire value chain
• Dynamic market scenario coupled with market growth opportunities in the coming years
• 6 months of after-sales support by analysts

Report customization

if available Questions or customization requestsContact our sales team who will ensure your requirements are met.

common questions

The vanilla market was valued at $2.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $3.4 billion in 2030, growing at a CAGR of 5.39% from 2022 to 2030.

What are the key factors driving the growth of the Vanilla market?

The global vanilla market is expected to grow due to the increasing demand for vanilla products among individuals, its pleasant taste is widely used in food and beverage.

Who are the key players in the Vanilla market?

Die Hauptakteure sind Frontier Co-op, MacTaggart's Brand, McCormick & Company, Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Touton, Amadeus, Agro Products and Agencies, Boston Vanilla Bean Company.

What are the segments covered in the Vanilla market report?

The global vanilla market is segmented based on product type, provenance, application and geography.

How can I get sample company reports/profiles for the vanilla market?

Vanilla Market Sample Report is available upon request on the website. Also, 24*7 chat support and direct call services are provided to get the sample report.

1.1 Market overview
1.2 Scope of the Report
1.3 Premises


3.1 Data mining
3.2 Validation
3.3 Primary Interviews
3.4 List of Data Sources

4.1 Overview
4.2 Market Dynamics
4.2.1 Drivers
4.2.2 Restrictions
4.2.3 Opportunities
4.3 Porter's Five Forces Model
4.4 Value chain analysis

5.1 Overview
5.2 Organic
5.3 Conventional

6.1 Overview
6.2 Of course
6.3 Synthetic

7.1 Overview
7.2 Food and Beverages
7.3 Cosmetics
7.4 Drugs

8.1 Overview
8.2 North America
8.2.1 USA
8.2.2 Canada
8.2.3 Mexico
8.3 Europa
8.3.1 Germany
8.3.2 United Kingdom
8.3.3 France
8.3.4 Rest from Europe
8.4 Asia-Pacific
8.4.1 China
8.4.2 Japan
8.4.3 Sec
8.4.4 Rest of Asia Pacific
8.5 Rest of the World
8.5.1 Latin America
8.5.2 Middle East and Africa

9.1 Overview
9.2 Company Market Classification
9.3 Main development strategies


10.1 Border Cooperative
10.1.1 Overview
10.1.2 Financial Performance
10.1.3 Product Perspective
10.1.4 Main Developments

10.2 Marke MacTaggart
10.2.1 Overview
10.2.2 Financial Performance
10.2.3 Product Perspective
10.2.4 Main Developments

10.3 McCormick & Company
10.3.1 Overview
10.3.2 Financial Performance
10.3.3 Product Perspective
10.3.4 Main Developments

10.4 Nielsen-Massey-Vanille
10.4.1 Overview
10.4.2 Financial Performance
10.4.3 Product Perspective
10.4.4 Main Developments

10.5 tons
10.5.1 Overview
10.5.2 Financial Performance
10.5.3 Product Perspective
10.5.4 Main Developments

10.6 Amadeus
10.6.1 Overview
10.6.2 Financial Performance
10.6.3 Product Perspective
10.6.4 Main Developments

10.7 Agricultural Products and Agencies
10.7.1 Overview
10.7.2 Financial Performance
10.7.3 Product Perspective
10.7.4 Main Developments

10.8 Boston Vanilla Bean Company
10.8.1 Overview
10.8.2 Financial Performance
10.8.3 Product Perspective
10.8.4 Main Developments

10.9 Tharakan and Company
10.9.1 Overview
10.9.2 Financial Performance
10.9.3 Product Perspective
10.9.4 Main Developments

10.10 Vanilla Food Company
10.10.1 Overview
10.10.2 Financial Performance
10.10.3 Product Perspective
10.10.4 Main Developments

11.1 Product Launches/Developments
11.2 Mergers and Acquisitions
11.3 Business Extensions
11.4 Partnerships and Cooperations

12 Appendix
12.1 Related Research

research methodology report

Vanilla Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities & Forecast (6)

Verified Market Research uses the latest research tools to deliver accurate data insights. Our experts provide the best research reports with revenue generation recommendations. Analysts conduct extensive research using both top-down and bottom-up methods. It helps to explore the market of different dimensions.

It also helps market researchers to target different market segments to analyze them individually.

We point out data triangulation strategies to explore different areas of the market. In this way, we guarantee that all our customers receive reliable information about the market. Among the various elements of the research methodology chosen by our experts are:

Exploratory data mining

The market is full of data. All data is collected in raw format, which goes through a rigorous filtering system to ensure only necessary data is left behind. The remaining data is duly validated and authenticated (from the source) before being used further. We also collect and combine data from our previous market research reports.

All past reports are stored in our large internal data storage. Also, experts collect reliable information from paid databases.

Vanilla Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities & Forecast (7)

To understand the whole market landscape, we also need to get details about past and current trends. To achieve this, we collect data from various market participants (dealers and suppliers) as well as government websites.

The final piece of the "market research" puzzle is solved by analyzing survey, magazine, and survey data. VMR analysts also emphasize different industry dynamics such as market drivers, constraints and currency trends. As a result, the final set of collected data is a combination of various forms of raw statistics. All of this data is transformed into usable information by going through authentication procedures and using best-in-class cross-validation techniques.

Data Acquisition Matrix

perspectivemain searchSecondary research
supplier side
  • Manufacturer
  • Technology suppliers and wholesalers
  • Annual reports and newsletters from competing companies
  • Government publications and websites
  • Independent investigations
  • Economic and demographic characteristics
demand side
  • End User Surveys
  • consumer surveys
  • mystery shopping
  • case studies
  • reference customer

Econometrics and data visualization model

Vanilla Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities & Forecast (8)

Our analysts provide market assessments and forecasts using industry-first simulation models. They use the BI-enabled dashboard to provide real-time market statistics. With the help of built-in analytics, customers can get details related to brand analysis. You can also use online reporting software to understand various performance metrics.

All survey templates are tailored to common global customer requirements.

Data collected includes market dynamics, technology landscape, application development and pricing trends. All of this feeds the research model, which then generates the relevant data for the market study.

Our market research experts provide both short-term (econometric models) and long-term (technology market model) market analysis in the same report. In this way, customers can achieve all their goals and, at the same time, take advantage of the opportunities that arise. Technological advances, new product launches and market cash flow are compared in different cases to show their impact on the forecast period.

Analysts use correlation, regression and time series analysis to provide reliable business insights. Our experienced team of professionals divulges the technology landscape, regulatory framework, economic outlook and business principles to share the details of external factors in the market studied.

Different demographics are analyzed one by one to get proper details about the market. After that, all regional data is merged to serve customers with a global perspective. We ensure that all data is correct and that all actionable recommendations can be achieved in record time. We work with our clients at all stages of the job, from market exploration to the execution of business plans. Basically, we focus on the following parameters for predictions about the market under the lens:

  • Market drivers and constraints and their current and anticipated impact
  • Commodities and Supply Scenario vs Price Trends
  • Regulatory scenario and expected developments
  • Current capacity and expected capacity growth through 2027

We assign different weights to the above parameters. In this way, we can quantify its impact on market dynamics. Also, it helps us to provide evidence related to market growth rates.

Primary Validation

The final step of the report revolves around forecasting the market. In-depth interviews with industry experts and decision makers from respected organizations are conducted to validate our experts' findings.

Assumptions made to derive the statistics and data items are verified through interviews with managers in F2F conversations as well as phone calls.

Vanilla Market Size, Share, Trends, Growth, Opportunities & Forecast (9)

Various members of the market value chain such as suppliers, distributors, suppliers and end users are also targeted to provide an unbiased picture of the market. All interviews are conducted worldwide. Thanks to our team of experienced and multilingual professionals, there are no language barriers. Interviews have the ability to offer critical market insights. Current business scenarios and future market expectations enhance the quality of our five-star market research reports. Our highly skilled team uses primary research with Key Industry Participants (KIPs) to validate market predictions:

  • Established market participants
  • raw data providers
  • Network participants such as distributors
  • Consumer

The primary research objectives are:

  • Check collected data for accuracy and reliability.
  • To understand ongoing market trends and predict future market growth patterns.

Industry Analysis Matrix

Qualitative AnalysisQuantitative analysis
  • Global industry landscape and trends
  • Market dynamics and key issues
  • technology scenario
  • New market opportunities
  • Porter Analysis and PESTEL Analysis
  • Competitive landscape and component benchmarking
  • Policy and regulation scenario
  • Market revenue estimates and forecast for 2027
  • Market Revenue Estimates and Forecasts to 2027 by Technology
  • Market Revenue Estimates and Forecasts to 2027, by Application
  • Market Revenue Estimates and Forecasts to 2027 by Type
  • Market revenue estimates and forecasts through 2027, by component
  • Revenue Forecasts for Regional Markets by Technology
  • Sales Forecasts for Regional Markets by Application
  • Sales Forecasts for Regional Markets by Type
  • Sales Forecasts for Regional Markets by Component
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