WLAN offers without a broadband contract, short-term and 6 months (2023)

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Can I get broadband without a contract?

No Contract Broadband means a broadband contract with a monthly contract period.

While this is still a contract, these monthly broadband deals can be a lot more flexible; You can cancel at any time and you don't have to pay more than the remaining month.

You can also find short-term broadband contracts that last longer than a month but are shorter than most regular terms.popular broadband offers.

What contract terms are available?

one month broadband

The shortest and easiest type of broadband contract.ongoing monthlyYou can register for contract-free broadband offers for 30 days.

three months and six months

partly short-termWiFi offersThey are available with three or six month contracts. These can be slightly cheaper than continuous contract broadband. However, these offers are now somewhat rare.

Nine months

broadband studentOffers can sometimes be found on a nine month contract to meet deadlines.

They are not available all year round. You should keep an eye out during the summer and early fall months if you're interested. They used to be pretty common, but these days they're harder to find.

Virgin Media is a good option for students as it can provide very fast broadband without a phone and also bundles of broadband and TV.

long-term broadband

Most standard broadband contracts run for 18 or 24 months. You can also sign up for 12-month contracts, although these are a little less common.

Now that you know what contract terms are available, you may be wondering which providers offer shorter contracts.

Which providers offer monthly broadband and short-term offers?

Several providers are currently offering short-term broadband packages on Broadband Genie.

NOWBroadband can offer continuous monthly packages with speeds from 11Mb up to 63Mb and monthly prices from as little as £20.

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virgin mediaRolling monthly plans are the fastest no-contract broadband deals, providing broadband without a landline.

Hyperoptic also has a no contract option and also includes its Hyperfast 1Gb package as an ongoing monthly deal. It's an all-fiber provider that offers great broadband speeds at a very affordable price. unfortunately,The network is limited to a selection of major UK cities.

Kuckuckit might also be worth checking out.

These packages are available year-round, but there are occasional short-term student broadband offers from other providers.

Although short-term broadband packages can be limited, there are definitely benefits to signing up for one.

What are the short-term benefits of broadband?

There are a number of reasons why you should go for this type of deal.

  • Flexibility:The main reason to consider one is the flexibility a short-term contract offers: cancellation at short notice with no fees.
  • Price saving:This flexibility can also save you money. If you sign a long-term contract and then have to cancel, you end up paying a hefty fee.

There aren't many pros, but they may outweigh the cons depending on your situation.

Does a short contract have any disadvantages compared to a longer contract?

As useful as a short team deal can be, there are some downsides to be aware of.

  • Higher Installation Fees:Setup isn't free for most short-term packages, and you may have to pay for the Wi-Fi router. This can increase your setup fee on a short-term deal.
  • Higher monthly costs:The monthly costs for ongoing monthly contracts and short-term offers are often more expensive than the corresponding onesPACKAGESin a longer business.
  • Fewer special offers:Freebies are something you might miss out on in a short-term offer. Take a look at our comparison charts and you will find many offersDiscounts, shopping coupons and free gadgets. However, most of these are not short-term contracts.

Now that you know the pros and cons, you can decide if a fixed-term contract would be right for you.

Is a contract-free or short-term broadband offer right for me?

While anyone can sign up for a short-term broadband contract, we only recommend it if a long-term contract doesn't work for you.

So who do they work for?

  • Students:Signing a long contract may not be convenient for students. A short-term deal can be perfect if you'd rather not be tied to a long-term deal; This way you avoid high fees for last-minute cancellations.
  • Temporary accommodation:Maybe you're only staying somewhere for a few months because of work or a move. With no contract deals, you get fast broadband service with plenty of flexibility to adapt to your life circumstances.
  • Long-term uncertainty:There can be many reasons for terminating a broadband contract early and with a term of 12, 18 or 24 months, the fees can be expensive. If you're unsure about committing to a regular contract, a short-term contract can save you money.
  • Seasonal Holiday Rentals:It may make sense to use a no-contract agreement if you have oneAirbnb or vacation rentalswhich is used only briefly each year. So instead of paying for broadband that isn't used most of the year, you can cancel at the end of each season.

Do I need to have an ongoing contract if I'm staying longer term?

Continuous monthly broadband and other short-term contract offers are generally not the best option for someone with a long-term stable home. If paying a cancellation fee isn't an issue, longer contracts offer better value for money than they tend to havelower monthly ratesand installation costs.

What do I have to consider when comparing short-term broadband packages?

  • Set costs:For longer contracts, theBroadband setup fees are usually freeor with a discount. However, short-term deals generally have higher upfront costs. In addition to setup and installation, you may also have to pay for themWlan Router.
  • Effective monthly costs:Click on the "Offer Details and Pricing" option in our comparison charts for a breakdown of monthly costs including setup fees. This is especially important with the higher setup fees included in short-term deals.
  • Contract term:There are different types of short-term offers. Cancellation fees can apply to even the shortest options, so choose carefully to ensure they fit your needs.
  • Data Usage Limit:Some short-term offers may have a monthly data limit. While this may be acceptable for web browsing and social media, we generally recommend going unlimited. With an unlimited supply, you avoid any possibility of service limitations or additional fees.

If you need something more affordable but short-term broadband isn't working for you, there are other options.

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What alternatives are there to contract-free broadband?

In general, broadband services using cellular networks are the best alternatives to unsubscribed home broadband.

This is arguably the best option if you need broadband for a month as it is much cheaper and easier to set up.

mobile bandwidth

Mobile broadband, either via a dongle or bytieto a mobile phone, it may be worth considering as an alternative.

Mobile broadband is available as a short-term or pay-as-you-go plan. Also, a mobile broadband package is easily portable. 4G or 5G may even be faster than some home connections. And it's quick to set up, too, making it useful if you need broadband on a short-term basis.

However, the running costs can be high if you use a lot of data and need a strong signal.

There are now some unlimited mobile broadband deals available, meaning you don't have to worry about data caps or additional fees. Just keep in mind that the monthly fees are relatively high.

4G or 5G home broadband

These offerings are intended for home use and therefore do not include ultra-portable dongles. However, they offer you a much higher data usage limit and more powerful home networking devices.

They are also quick to set up as you can start using them as soon as you have the hardware. You don't need an engineer's visit.

Again, this option usually comes with the option of ongoing monthly contracts as well as longer-term deals.

Frequently asked questions about broadband without a contract

What should I do if I only need broadband for a month?

pay per usemobile bandwidthIt is the best option when you need broadband access for a short period of time. It's quick to set up, has a low initial cost and there are no financial penalties if you stop using it.

You could subscribe to fixed-line broadband service at home for just a month, but that would be needlessly complex and expensive. Broadband setup takes about 14 business days and about the same time for cancellation. Also, you almost always have to pay a setup fee for monthly broadband plans.

What is the Best Unsubscribed Broadband Provider?

Many providers have their advantages: Virgin is fast, but Hyperoptic and NOW also offer great value for money. However, Cuckoos gets our vote for its excellent value for money and simple pricing structure.

If you want to know what the best no contract deals are right now, just check out the best deals in the table on this very page.

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What is the cheapest broadband provider without a contract?

NOW generally offers the lowest monthly prices, but set-up fees for short-term deals are very high.

What is the fastest broadband provider?

Virgin Media and Hyperoptic are the fastest providers to offer monthly contracts. Both providers can provide gigabit broadband.

Can I get assignments in my area?

NOW and Plusnet use the Openreach network, so it should be readily available. Virgin and Hyperoptic have smaller networks, but Virgin is at least available in more than half of UK homes.

You can find out what deals are available near you by using the zip code checker below.

Broadband Genie zip code checker

Why do we need your zip code?

Why do we need your zip code?

Once you enter your zip code, you will only see available offers for that address. We work with Thinkbroadband to provide you with the most accurate information possible (see ourPrivacy Policyfor more details).

Once you enter your zip code, you will only see available offers for that address. We work with Thinkbroadband to provide you with the most accurate information possible; see oursPrivacy Policyfor more details.

How long do I have to notify my provider when I'm ready to cancel?

The notice period for canceling a standard residential broadband service is typically around 14 days. However, most monthly contracts require a 30-day notice period. With others, like NOW, you can cancel at any time before the next month.

Each provider has their own policies, so you should always check this beforehand. It is important to cancel broadband services correctly, otherwise additional charges may apply. It could also block the line for the next resident or cause problems ifYou switch providers.

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Will my provider charge a fee if I cancel?

A final invoice is always due, the amount of which depends on the term of your contract and the remaining term of the contract.

Just keep in mind that some providers charge additional cancellation fees on top of the contract period. Be sure to read the fine print or ask the provider before signing up.

Can I rent fiber broadband without a contract?

yes short termglass fiberBroadband offers are available. Just keep in mind that there aren't as many options as mostbroadband providerThey only offer these services on longer-term contracts.

Can I also watch TV with a short-term contract?

No providers are currently offeringbroadband and televisionpackage for a short-term offer.

But with streaming TV, that might not be a problem. Combine a short-term contract with a smart TV or set-top box and a subscription to Netflix, NOW TV or Amazon Video and you have a very flexible TV and broadband package.

Can I get broadband without a contract without a landline?

May! Virgin Media and Hyperoptic use their own networks so don't rely on an active BT landline. However, you still need some sort of landline connection (cable for Virgin Media, fiber for Hyperoptic).

If you want short-term wireless broadband, you need to look for a 4G or 5G mobile broadband deal.

Can I get a free WiFi router from my broadband provider?

All broadband providers can provide a wireless router. With contracts of 12 to 24 months, this is almost always free of charge. With short-term offers, however, it can happen that the router is subject to a charge.

How long does broadband installation take?

Installation and activation typically takes around 14 days, but may take longer if a technician is needed. read oursBroadband Activation Guidefor more.

Do I need an engineer?

Short-term offers are no different from other types of broadband when it comes to installation: it depends on whether the infrastructure is already in place. If you don't already have an active line, a technician will need to help. If not, you simply need to plug in the router on activation day.


A no-deal broadband contract isn't necessarily what you expect. You always have to sign some kind of agreement to use it. Your ideal option might be an ongoing contract, which is very similar to a pay-as-you-go service. But there are a variety of options for other short-term contracts, leaving you spoiled for choice.

These deals are better if you're not sure how long you'll need internet for. These could work for vacation rentals,Studentsor if you are looking for a decent oneBroadband coverage in short-term rental apartments. Keep in mind that short-term broadband can be slightly more expensive. In some cases, you might be better off with amobile bandwidthpackage as they are quick and easy to set up while also having flexible contracts.

Whichever you prefer, keep the costs in mind as they can be a bit pricey. Once you're set up, we recommend getting a long-term broadband contract as it will save you money.

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